Mai's Guide to Efficient Farming – List of best lvls to farm monster, different resources, wanted missions and XP



Darn. Was hoping certain levels were more Troop heavy than others (kinda like 8-7 for certain goodies).

Thanks again.


Hi. New player here. Would you be so kind and confirm the best maps to farm metal ores? Thx in advance.


The best province is 15, inside 15 the best levels are 7 and 9.


Various zones where the runs >30, sample size isn’t enough to really be certain. Count is number of runs which is a measurement of the quality of the data. Everything per energy, this is strictly for hero levelling efficiency… ascension item drop rate is too rare with this quantity of runs to make even absurd claims about it. Likewise heroes are similar but including it anyway for the result set: to illustrate, can see the skew in the 7-4 runs that were contributed as there was a hero parade through part of the data… sample size problems, don’t run this zone for heroes just saying you will likely be disappointed with your overall efficiency.

Too much 8-7 as I’m stuck leveling my own heroes and not willing to sacrifice effiiciency in the name of science but I’ll start fleshing out others once I hit ascension walls probably next week and @Rook has been been awesome at helping contribute data for some of the less common zones.


By the looks of it, basically you showing the probability is the same for all lvls.


That’s what I’m starting to reach as a conclusion; however, the one I think may be an outlier in that is 5-8 on backpacks. I suppose at some point I should just run a query without dividing through by the map energy and at that point it probably becomes obvious with better data.

Ideally I get a bunch more runs in 5-8 to determine the true backpack rate and see if the “increased drop rate” makes any sort of difference though given the difference in items dropped it may be a wash with 8-7. Likewise 12-9 vs. say 16-9 for chain mail (will take a lot of runs) and 12-9 vs. 12-5 for any sort of ascension loot to compare special vs. normal inside a province.

That’s the goal at this point anyway, realistically though recruits are so key and they can be “stored” anyway for power leveling phases, that 8-7 is hard to pass up unless you need ascension items long term.


Like you said, it’s a bit higher, but that’s just a positive error or the little increase of that providence.


Yeah, but to be fair the data hasn’t ruled that out yet either. I’m well aware need more for runs statistically.

Running 5-8 isn’t the worst choice for a farming zone anyway, not by a long shot heh, and it also happens to be the cheapest to try to see if the increased drop rate actually makes a difference and that can be extrapolated for other item farming.

In theory.


20-5 and 20-6 are 7 energy, but you have them listed at the top of the page as 6 energy, good farming experience, which contradicts your google chart. You may want to double check the cutoffs. Just pointing it out. Thanks for your efforts :slight_smile:


Total mistake I never caught, it’s 20-4. Fixing it. There!

I probably mistyped and then just copied bellow, thanks for the correction. Thankfully the other 20-4 mentions were correct.


Just a question. In the introduction you mention “without a possible death”.

Do dead heros influence anything?

I mean if 1 or even 2 heros regularily die, but the level is otherwise totally manageable in “autoplay” mode, why not play it that way?


Old thread which isn’t 100% accurate anymore unfortunately (1.6 changed a boatload when it came to farming efficiency) but by death they mean utter failure of the map… waste of flags.

If you can get by autoplay consistently with 1-2 heroes dead, no problem… though odds are if 1-2 heroes are regularly dying, combination of board and the poor AI play may wipe your team so I do recommend being mindful of that.


Is there an updated version of this information?


Quoting from earlier in the thread:

More here:

Be aware: Mai is still playing but has not been posting lately to the Forums.

The list of item locations was made before v1.6. Revelate notes after v1.6, 8-7 loot drops shifted down by about 10%. 5-8 still seems to be the best location for Backpacks, and more data is needed on EVERY level to lock in actual figures. Not sure if v1.7 changed things as much as v1.6 did.


Thank You. That helps a lot.


I recently ran the numbers on 5-8 again. I got 24 backpacks out of 30 attempts. Just sayin.


I still don’t understand it; is the OP saying 9:9 is choice for farming Tall Boots?


It wasn’t the OP (Mai), but Starhunter who said that, here:

The OP was mainly concerned with getting the most you could for the least amount of effort, which she says in the first few posts.

If you read throughout the thread, various players give their suggestions for locations for Boots and other things (13-6 was one).


Oh, ok. Thanks for clarifying; I’m off to 13:6!


Does anyone know where fine gloves can be found?