Mai's Guide to Efficient Farming – List of best lvls to farm monster, different resources, wanted missions and XP



That’s where I’d go frankly; maybe final map in 18 too, haven’t really farmed much in either to really run any numbers but it’d be interesting to see.

May have to too, was going to say “I get plenty of tall boots from titans and similar” and realized I’m down to 5 on the main… whoopsie, that’s going to put a dent in my plans to take several more 4*'s to 70 haha.


Kerridoc, which guide are you using.

This was a help, but very dated.



Internal alliance document. Not my research, so I’m going to decline to publish it.


If the alliance/guide producer approved, could you inform the masses if
they should move on from 8-7?

And thanks for the consideration of s reply.



8-7 is great for a general farming level, particularly recruits, but there are better levels if you’re looking for particular items. As has been mentioned elsewhere, 5-8 is great for adventurer’s kits (backpacks).


The problem is Mai hasn’t been around and this was published in 1.5; the loot revamp in 1.6 changed 8-7 from a great zone to a good one… I don’t spend much time there anymore as I can get nearly as many recruits and better materials (for me) in a different zone: 5-8, 6-8, 7-7 are the 3 I typically run these days depending on needs. Common herbs, bleh.

@Rook @Coppersky

Could you delete these two lines from Mai’s post please?

Any color monsters: 8-7
Recruits and general Items: 8-7

As stated these changed in 1.6 when 8-7 explicitly took a 10% nerf and is still a source of confusion today.

Recruits II - Epic Troop Token log - 50% of chance of universal token drop per spawn - February 9th = NO
[Comparison] Speed recruit farming or Comparing Recruits per Autoplay hour for s1-8-7, s1-7-7, Recruits I & II quest ( Updated 2019-Jan-04 )


Moved from main location, listed with a deletion note at bottom of first section for those who have use the information previously.


Hiya Rook.

I once asked you where the best places were to get the Adventures kit. (Rucksacks). You told me to play province 5 over and over especially 5 7.
My query is this. I have been playing province 5 so much that I rarely get any adventures kits anymore. Is there any other good places to get the adventures kits from.
I play province 5 and province 8 but rarely get the kits even though it is there as possible loot.


In the past, I swore by 5-8, and another player showed me he was having better effect at 5-2.

Today I got a holy chest and have been playing 10-6, getting a backpack every time.

Now these are all anecdotal (I haven’t played them hundreds of times since the v1.9.7 update), but you might try these two other locations, and see if they work for you. :wink:


I have killed all province 5 but I will try 10 6. I’ll let you know how I get on so you know for future reference.


Yeah, I’d like to hear from more than just one person (me). A crowd of us with all the same results is a better conclusion.

EDIT: I just got this:


Without out tracking hundreds of runs it’s nothing but anecdotal evidence: I’ve hit 4 and even once 5 backpacks in one go on some 3 flag levels, doesn’t mean all that much individually, just random draw.

I don’t intend to do anything like I did previously until S2 drops… but if you’re looking for backpacks you should be in Province 5, which zone inside 5 doesn’t matter as much other than 5-8 is a better farming zone than 5-2.


Sorted Mai’s list by Province to examine how loot progresses in the game ( Any ideas how to highlight my notes since you cannot use color on the forums ? ):

[Comparison] Speed recruit farming or Comparing Recruits per Autoplay hour for s1-8-7, s1-7-7, Recruits I & II quest ( Updated 2019-Jan-04 )

I’ve found that once you have hit a certain level like 5 8 for rucksacks a lot, it eventually stops giving them out so freely so I am forced to play other levels.


I’ve got tons of heroes that need to be levelled so have been farming hardcore for these backpacks for the last month. Stage 5-8 has been my most reliable source. Here’s a screenshot from last night.


I know that it’s good for farming Adventures kits but I’ve doing it for 3 to 4 months and I don’t get them as often as I did. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that I don’t get any at all.


Happened to me as well.


Nah bud it’s just random.

If I go back through my data of hundreds of logged runs there’s streaks of backpacks vs. no backpacks but it still is the best place for them if you play it consistently.


I have found that 12-9 does better than advertised, particularly if farming for recruits. It usually drops 11, but if not, then instead there are 1 or 2 new heroes (worth 5 recruits each).
It also drops backpacks quite often.


Been grinding only there