How to get Heroes?


I’ve been reading various threads here, but they seem to all discuss how best to level heroes without mentioning how best to get them in the first place.

I have 2x2* and 3x3* heroes all maxed out, and I’m wondering how best to get better ones.
My stronghold is only level 11, so getting a training camp up to level 20 seems pretty far away.
Is there anything else I can be doing (aside from buying gems)?
Also, for the gems I do have should I wait for an event for a better chance at heroes or something?

P.S. For some reason it wouldn’t let me make my own thread, sorry if this isn’t the right place to post my questions, it was the closest topic I could find.

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If you wait for an event you have a good chance of getting 1 of the event hero’s. Also using epic summons box instead of the elemental summons box gives you a better chance of getting the hero of the month. I have managed to get 2 Natalya which is the hero of the month for January. I was after a purple 4 star hero but that didn’t come until later.


Training Camp lvl 13 (TC13) is close to your level; you can make guaranteed 3* (with a chance at 4*) heroes there.

Your goal should be Training Camp 20 (when you can), but TC13 can serve you in the meantime.


Get your TC to 13 ASAP. Then run two camps 24/7. Then get them to 20 and run 2 or 3 of them 24/7. It takes time but you will eventually get a great team. Otherwise, buy gems :confused:


Excellent, thank you all!