Mai's Guide to Efficient Farming – List of best lvls to farm monster, different resources, wanted missions and XP



Thank you…


How about ‘hidden blades’ or ‘fine gloves’ ? Any suggestions?


Those cannot be farmed. You can receive them only from chests, titans, wars, mystic visions, and the occasional quest for it. But not from the world map.


Thanks @EvilSmoothie! I was afraid of that. I one of each to ascend my 1st two 4*s . Great :{/


Thank you for all the work you put into this and i reference it often. I just wanted you to know your work is appreciated and it helps make a better gaming experience, thank you!


You are a mecca, i salute you and the work you have mined and share so freely


This is fantastic!

In my experience though, I found 7-4 to be the level that offers the fastest reset of the Wanted:Monsters mission. Compared to 8-7 that only offers 11-13 monsters, 7-4 offer 14-15 monsters.

7-4 also offer the most Purple in my experience. The boss level always have 2 green monsters so take it away from the total of 14-15, 7-4 offers a 12-13 purple monsters.


7.4 can have from 12 to 15 purple monsters plus 2 green bosses.


I don’t think I ever noticed 15 purple monsters. I use “Auto” most of the time so I can do other things too while farming :slight_smile: But what I notice a lot, what I’m sure of, when I play that stage is that there are at the very least 12 purple monsters. And most of the time only one level have 5 monsters that leads to 13 monsters before the boss.


Please start on Season Two!