What's your favorite season 2 place to farm? Season 2 Farming Guide? [MASTER]

Hey all- I am looking for a new place to farm for resources, like back packs, 4* ingredients like nuggets, and get the most amount of recruits. I have been farming in season at 12-9 (like everyone else) and I am looking for a change. I figure Season 2 Atlantis landscape has some great possibilities (that would out strip season one 8-7 or 12-9). To those who found some hot spots in season to; where are you all going in Atlantis to get the most bang for your flags?

Thanks for your help!


I’ve been farming Season 2 15-8 Hard now.

After capturing results from 25 runs, it’s averaging just over 34 recruits per run (2.84/flag), which isn’t far behind the 3.01/flag that Season 1 8-7 gives, and the other item drops tend to be considerably better. And that’s enough recruits to sustainably run 2xtc11, 1xtc2, and 1xtc20, with some slow banking of additional recruits for periodic tc19 or tc1 burns to use up rugged clothes and practice swords.

Plus I always need more firestone, which it drops at an excellent rate.


Think its 33-35 so just a little worse than 8-7. my problem is the lack of troops/heroes on high level provinces.


I have been using season 2 1-9 on hard. Good loot for crafting and training. Descent number of recruits, and most of the time, hereoes and/or troops are also found. I’ve read several comments about season 2 15-8 on hard being a good one, but I’m about 4 levels away from there right now. It may become my new favorite soon!


15-9 on normal. It gives 20 recruits per run (which is comparable to 8-7’s ratio) plus a decent amount of items and exp. It also fills the skeleton quest. Once I am done with chest filling, that’s the only level I farm (ofc using loot tickets only).

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I hate autocorrect!! Decent not descent lol


15-9 normal costs 7 flags.

Sorry, missed the normal! That’s really interesting, then, because 15-9 hard barely gives more recruits than that. I thought they normally changed for normal vs hard.

Just tried one run of 15-9 normal and got 19 recruits. So if it averages out to 20, that would be 2.86/flag — very similar to 15-8 hard. The xp/flag on each is similar too. So I think the question in comparing them further would be item drops and food/iron.

If they’re similar across the board I’d personally still end up preferring 15-8 hard for using fewer loot tickets.


Have you tried 6-6 hard? there my favorite place is looking for recruits :wink::wink:

I farm to get the season 2 missions. Just got the moth avatar and 5 gems for finishing the poison mist stages. Now I’m still farming prov 3 stg 7 for macaws and the yellow dinosaur.

Hey, sorry, do you mean 15-8 hard has similar recruits ratio? Because earlier you said 15-9 hard gives only slightly more recruits than normal. I don’t have these levels on hard completed yet so can’t check myself.

15-9 normal gives good recruits. 15-9 hard is almost the same amount -> bad recruits. but 15.8 hard gives many recruits

Yes, 15-9 normal and 15-8 hard have very similar recruit per flag ratios.

I just saw @hotdamnmess’s updated spreadsheet earlier today, and apparently those are the highest ratio season 2 normal and hard levels so far, respectively.

15-9 normal it is!. Thank you all for this. I’ve kinda slacked off on Atlantis a bit. Just made it to 14-9 normal. Nice to know I have something to look forward to when I complete these last two areas.


I have not completed Province 18 of season 2 yet. Any better farming spots there? Or is 15-9 still king!

S2 1.1 easy for me is the one so far. Very often throws 5 or more backpacks at a time, troops, 2* feeders and of course a bunch of recruits and 3* mats for only 6 WE. Without loot tickets it also takes not long.


Nothing better than 15-9 so far.

I am only on province 10 on hard, so speaking about normal only.

5 or more backpacks huh? I would like to see that VERY OFTEN…

How many times did you get 5 or more?

The long time average in S2-1-1 is 2,0 adventurer’s kits per run.

Mostly one or two, but when my recruits are empty, the amount of backpacks is allways higher.

5 or more are rare, but since I farm there, I never ran out of backies…

So I farm first for backpacks and then for recruits :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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15-8 hard for me. The loot drops for dragon bones, nuggets and roots are the best I’ve found, once or twice getting 5 roots from a single round. Great for loot tickets, 15-9 normal probably better for normal playing.

Anyone got any s2 tips for meteor fragments? Always short! Anything in province 16 hard? Thanks :grinning:

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