Mai's Guide to Efficient Farming – List of best lvls to farm monster, different resources, wanted missions and XP



Where do you go to bet dragon bones and Nuggets. I have spent so much time effort and money to try and get these items. Did 10 refills in 8-7 and got 1 6-8 was the same.

What's up with the cheating update from SG?

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Mai's Guide to Efficient Farming – List of best lvls to farm monster, different resources, wanted missions and XP


Is there a guide for Season 2 campaign alike the big table of loots XP and monster type per stage already existing ( top of this post) ? Thanks !


The EP data bible has some data on S2



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Existe t’il un tableau avec la saison 2 ?

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Has been nerfed. I keep getting runs where it gives me neither of the two and then i have too many recruits!


Store all your extra recruits into training camp 11 for future use.


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Excellent le docs Google :heart_eyes:


Does anyone have a breakdown on best levels for gold macaws?



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Well, yes, I know where they are, but I wanted to know if anyone knew of the most efficient places to farm them for the Missions.


Season 2 Missions
Best (So Far) For Combinations of Gold Macaws/Monarchs/Poison Mist/Stegosaurians

3-5 Poison Mist, Gold Macaws, Monarch
3-9 Poison Mist, Gold Macaws, Stegosaurians

The Gold Macaw respawns are horribly variable in every stage I’ve done. Anywhere from 1-10 show up, so YMMV. But if you are just going for Macaws/Monarchs (sans Mist), 1-9 has an average of 5.6 per run, versus 3-5 (Mist) which averages 4.75.

Those averages are over 15 runs each stage. So, that’s 15 runs at 1-9 and 15 at 3-5.


S2 best macaw levels

How about it, beta team?
It would be a big help to see this farming data updated!
Perhaps the devs would be so kind to please help us out??




mai-your off-topic reply had some great points- u will kno the answer to my conundrum. right now my team has triton&boldtusk as my most powerful but im still confused on which order to use their skills. should i use tritons 1st since he has a healing boost? or boldtusk 1st since he has an attack boost? i also use kashhrek, li xiu, &either colen or hu tao. ((i kno, not the greatest, but since i cant seem to get the 4*heroes i want, &still hav not seen a single 5star (even w/5 10pulls&about 25-30single pulls/tokens…but thats a whole difrnt gripe), &finally broke down &did a 10pull on dark heroes to get 2 tiburtus&cyprian (jeez louise)&-3prisca 2oberon 2tyrum of course… well u can see my pain is forefront in my mind)) rant aside, do u have any advice on how to best use these guys? &maybe who i should be leveling up? i have colen, hu tao, li xiu, &kashhrek at 60 but only 1set of warm gloves. grrr. &also i hav grimn, little john, 2melendor, chao, kelile, gormek, g. falcon (&my new dark- 2tiburtus/cyprian). im still trying to figure out which ones work best 2gthr but there r so many variables it makes my brain hurt! all else aside, id just relly like 2kno which order 2use triton&boldtusk. thanks for your time(&all the wonderful tidbits im finding in these pages!). :smile:


Hi. You’ve got everything listed except the fine steel. Have you updated this list since 2017?
It’s a great help to have this info to reflect on.
I appreciate your time in putting this together. Thanks!


List of links

Here there are lots of links, including some for farming!


Why 11?? What is the advantage to storing there?

Thank you


TC11 Lets you store unlimited recruits and it is the cheapest and will still give you 12 feeder heroes a day. My main TC is up to around 1000 recruits stored and I take it out as needed to run TC2 and TC1.