Mai's Guide to Efficient Farming – List of best lvls to farm monster, different resources, wanted missions and XP

Will you be making a spreadsheet for season 2?? I’d love to see that info.

@Krazykenny06 Welcome to the Forum!

The player who made this, @Mai, stopped playing and updating this a very long time ago.

But there’s a new project that’s doing the same sort of thing for Season 2, and has all the existing data on Season 1 as well:


Please update the top post with this info.

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Updated, thanks! :heart_decoration:


Thanks for all this info!!

I think I’ve looked at all the links, and still can’t find a list, like Mai did for Season 1, of how much exp you get for each Season 2 level. Anybody? I’m about to level, and want to do the math, quick! (Figures it’s during Atlantis Rises…) :laughing:

There should be a column for Xp/WE. Just multiply it out to get your total. :wink:


Thanks, @Alyssaann1014! Which link/sheet? I’m probably missing something bc I’m in a hurry!

EDIT: Think I found it; Row 5 on Summary sheet. I’ll have to try it to make sure I’ve got the right thing. Thanks again!

EDIT 2: Nope. For example, 2:4-3 says 277, and it’s 3 WE, which doesn’t add up to the 1660 xp you get, unless it’s increased for Atlantis Rises… :woman_shrugging:

With the new Atlantis rising coming up. I will collect data from season 2;15:10. I have 15 world energy and over 290 loot tickets ready for the event. I used it last month and i gave me great results. I went up by one level in 3 days and had collected loads of loot.

@Xesevol please see the edit to the original post.
The new guide by Barry + friends has covered S2 in detail.

Hi All,

I’ve scanned the thread but can’t find my ideal zone for hero-drops.

I’m trying to auto-play all day, and collect heroes to feed my lovely Morgan Le Fay.

Anybody know which zone is most likely to drop heroes? Especially 2-star heroes?


3 energy zones in season 1 are best. Levels like S1-8-7, S1-6-8, S1-5-8. If you’re not desperate for recruits 5-8 might be best because of the higher backpack drop rate. You can make 2* feeders with backpacks and TC2


Thanks mate - very helpful. Sounds like all zones have the same (or perhaps scaling) likelihood of dropping heroes. I’ll go with 5-8 and see how it treats me.

I grind soooooooo much in 4 and 5 for practice swords and adventurer’s kits. Also midnight root in 5. I get more practice swords in 4.

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So what’s the best ratio XP per We??? On season 2.?

Check Barry farmz guide on this forum. It supersedes Mai’s guide.

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Respect on that work! So helpful


I’m actually slowly updating it. And yes, I am aware there’s another updated and expanded guide, but I like figuring things for myself. Waste of time and effort? Probably (who am I kidding, definitely), but what can I say, I like filling stuff and peeking at the game’s innards.

That being said, I’m in no way competing with the other guide or trying to. It is only a personal project, and if I notice it becomes an issue or drama in anyway, I’ll make it private.

So please just ignore me as I waste my time. :sweat_smile:


Welcome back. It never hurts to have more data. I really like the simplicity of your spreadsheet which is why I still refer to it sometimes. Btw, Season 3 is coming out this week. So I guess you will have your hands full for a while. :slight_smile:


I am aware, and where the impression of “competition” worries me. I guess I’ll take my time with season 2.


Glad to see you back here and thinking about farming! If there is anything I can do to help, just give me a shout.


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