Magni or miki?

Who gets telescopes? Other 4/80 blue 5 stars i have are Aegir, Frida, Alasie, Isarnia



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If you are going for a kill in raid, just like your current Alasie, Magni is the obvious choice. Quite squishy but his fast mana made up for it.
Else, Miki for higher red titan scores. But you could never discounted Magni’s tiles damage.


I say its a easy choice but only for you… Magni everywhere. Miki for titans

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According to your other 5* blue heroes go with miki
He will be more useful for you


Man. Magni would give you a helluva mono blue team if you raid like that. But your titan score will skyrocket with miki.

Just wait until you have 6 more scopes. Then you won’t have to make a decision. You can max both. Lol.


Not enough info

What titans are you on?

Honestly i would go miki. You’ll have more blue fast snipers. You’ll only have 1 miki. He’s 1 of a kind and you’ll use him day in day out on pretty much every titan

Aegir frida alasie is already a solid trio for a 3-2 team. And if u go mono then isarnia as well. Magni is great, his buff is solid and his attack stat with a fast mana skill is beastly but i think I’d go miki this round, magni the next round depending on future luck


Miki. Alasie fills Magni’s role as a Blue sniper but nobody can replace Miki’s attack boost and silence enemies


This is a tough one. As others have said, you already have a strong blue team with a sniper, whereas you will use Miki constantly against Titans. Congrats on getting him by the way. He has helped my Titan scores immensely. On the other hand, you can still get most of the value from Miki at 3/70 since his special is the most important aspect. I would probably still pick Miki to improve his survivability vs Titans and boost your tile damage a little bit more. He is also great for events, and while his special is slow if it does go off it can be game over (similar to Isarnia) so I use him in wars too. Magni is great, although he is so squishy.

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