It's raining scopes! Yet another "who do I ascend thread

So, in the last three days, I have received four scopes to give me six. 1 from PoV, one from Mystic Vision, one from filling my costume chamber chest and now today, one from a normal monster chest. I just finished Vela, and thought I would be waiting for a while before my next blue decision, but here we are.

Options are Magni, MIki, Isarnia +costume, or wait in the hope to get Fenrir.

Other maxed blue 5s are Frida+12, Vela+10 and Snow White.
s are Grimm+20, Kiril +11, Sonya +costume, Triton, Valeria, Boril, Kiril2, and Mireweave.

MIki seems to be doing fine at 3/70 (we are at 10-12+ titans). Isarnia and especially her costume are great, but do I want another slow hero? Magni is a great sniper, but very squishy… Decisions, decisions!

Looking at your maxed 5* so far I’d say you could do with a bit of speed & sniping damage.

Magni will pair excellently with Frida & Vela in a blue stack.

Issy would be next imo but for now, I’d advise speed & Damage :slight_smile:

Congrats on getting the scopes!

Seeing that Valhalla portal is opening next week, I say you could wait a bit. Maybe you will get Fenrir!


Thanks guys. I think I’m leaning that way. Right now tending toward Magni, but will see what happens in Valhalla. Going to pull hard to try to get Telluria, as she has eluded me this month, so fingers crossed.

Got three JFs last month, with minimal pulls, and have been hitting it hard in Atlantis, Pirates and Costume Chamber (really wanted Joon, but ended up with Vivica #5) this month, but Telluria is staying away. I guess green HOTMs just don’t like me. The only other HOTM I don’t have since I started (Frida was my first, happy anniversary to me!) is Margaret, and I understand that is no great loss. Kingston decided to join my little family, though. :slight_smile:

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If you want your Miki to not die against high level titans you should ascend him, otherwise you could ascend Isarnia or Magni depending on your emblem’s usage.

I can see myself ascending Isarnia for the “cool” factor.

I have been having these decisions for ages recounted in this thread

After recently ascending Vela, my blue 5* bench is now looking like:

  • Aegir, Alasie, Isarnia and Vela all maxed at 4.80
  • Miki, Magni, and Misandra ALL at 3.70
  • Richard and Thorne still skulking in the background at 1.1
  • 6 Farsight Telescopes in my planetarium.
  • Still mainly fighting 9*/10* Titans

Probably wait for a chance at Fenrir. If not, I am tending towards Miki

Good luck with your decisions

We have been holding our own against 11* and the occaisional 12* titans, and I usually get an A or A+, so I think I will leave Mr. Miki at 3/70. If we get to the 12-14* stage, I will probably regret that…

@Steve9999 Do you have Isarnia’s costume? How do you like her. I know I hate facing her. I don’t have the aversion to slow heroes that some do. I love my Snow White, LotL, Elena, Santa and Vivica (with or without costume), even Little John!

If you plan on dealing with 13 and 14* titans in the near future then Miki is well deserving of the scopes. Otherwise I agree that waiting on Fenrir before maxing Magni is the smart move (though I am also very intrigued by the Isarnia costume; wish I had one!)

In my honest opinion, this decision boils down to what you want most. But for me I would focus on :
Magni for a fast sniper
Miki for Titan damage
But also for me - it’s worth waiting to see if you get Fenrir.
Good luck

Sadly I do NOT have Isarnia’s costume :frowning_face:
Isarnia was my first maxed 5* blue - i don’t use her all that much these days other than against red titan where I can mana her up if I need to.
Some slow heroes are immense - Alberich is probably my favourite!

Quick question, what level mana troop would it take to turn Isarnia with the costume bonus into a… not slow hero? That is something to think about.

Right now my blue 4* mana troop is only at 8, but that can change if I focus on that instead ot my level 16 crit troop…


I believe alasie is coming around again soon too… just saying.

Didn’t get Fenrir, didn’t get Alasie, didn’t get Alice, so my original dilemma remains, Miki, Isarnia +costume or Magni.

Did you mean magni? If so I’d do him…
although AoE is where things are heading… but you’ve already heavily invested in Grimm. :thinking:
What’s your defense look like?
What titans are you facing?

We are at 11s, with the occaisional 12. Yes, I meant Magni. Given the titan situation, I decided to go with Miki. Had a bunch of trainers saved up, and he’s already at 35, and I can notice the survivability difference right away!

And, since you asked, my standard defense is Costume Viv+3, Frida +13, Santa +8, Vela +12, Seshat +13.

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