Magni, Isarnia or Miki?

Hello Everyone,

since the Frostmarch will give me my last long awaited (very long!) telescope, I will have an opportunity to max one blue 5* hero. Who should it be? Magni, Miki or Isarnia? I like Wilbur for defense down and I have already maxed Ranvir and Wu, and I heard Miki works fine at 3/70 anyway (9-10* titans here). Therefore I am inclined towards Magni. What do you think?

I’d recommend Magni as well. With Ranvir and Wu already, Miki should be a low priority.

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Considering you have both Ranvir and Wu maxed, I’d go with Magni too.

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Mag to snipe.
Isa to wipe.
Mik to strike.

Would be my asc order.


Funny, after this morning I have exactly the same problem with same heroes. I have Magni, Miki and Isarnia. I already have Misandra+5 and my Ranvir is level 3/70, Wu is maxed without emblems. Magni has been waiting that last scope for ever, and doring that time I also got Isa and Miki.

My other maxed 5*s are Onatel, Kadilen, Anzogh, Domitia.

So who is going to be? Misandra is so funny, I like her a lot, I don’t know if I need another blue sniper but Magni is so classic. Isandra looks cool, and I think she might help Anzogh to be better. I believe Miki does his job with 10* titans level 3/70 too just like Ranvir so it is between Magni and Isandra.

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