Lucky or fake? – is it possible to get multiple HOTM at once?

Can I make double the payout of a hotm during a single call?

Sorry, I don’t follow?

Can you get the hotm twice in a single pull?

I’ve seen as many as 4 hotm from a 10x pull

Each summon gives you a chance at a hotm
Even the hotm summon gives you a chance at the hotm(from my understanding, haven’t seen this proven or disproven yet that i can think of unless someone pulled 2 hotm off a single pull)


Yes, a HOTM has still a chance to pull another HOTM.


I ask if it is possible


Yes. It happens …rarely but it happens

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Yep, I think there is a couple of examples in the Ridiculous Bragging thread.

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Damn, now I have to scroll this endless thread to find those posts.

I won’t believe it, before I see a screenshot or video.

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It’s all a sham.

Thousands of players in cahoots to fool you…

Or maybe it was the Show Me Your Rewards thread :joy:

Nooooooooo! :scream: :tired_face: :tired_face: :tired_face:


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Here is some similiar old thread:

Better if there is a video pull or record a video of the history menu at least.


It’s only ever happened to me in Beta. I have gotten 3 & 4 multiples in one pull before.


Nice! Now, if only this could happen in real game as well… :rofl:

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I’d give you a like and some love as credit.

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