Are the odds of getting a HOTM (Hero of the Month) Different/Same/Better for a 1x or 10x Summons / Single vs. 10 Pull / Individually vs. Ten at Once? [MASTER]

Are there the same odds to get an HotM in a 300 gems summon( 1x) and in a 2600 gems summon (10x)?

Same odds. 10 pull gets 10 chances (bonus draws also get another chance)

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what is this bonus draw I hear about? On a 10 you get 11 pulls?

But u only get 1 hotM in 10x right? Or can u get 10 hotm

I’ve gotten 2 HotM from a single 10x. In theory, you could get up to 10.

I think he means that If you pull one HOTM, the pull itself has nother chance for another HOTM.

If that is true, in theory one can get infinite HOTMs and crash the game :smiley:


Yes this. There have been instances where a single pull has resulted in 3 heros (2 hotm)

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The bonus draw is done after every draw, it is only shown if you get a hotm. The bonusbdraw isnthe only way to get hotm.
To clarify, you can never get hotm w/o another hero as hotm is the bonus draw off the earlier hero

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Thank you for clarifying. Sounds intriguing. May give it a shot sometime.

For now I have lots of leveling to do.

I raised this question to my alliance leaders this morning. What is the % for a bonus draw on a single pulled and what is the % chance on a 10 pull. I’ve received mixed answers so no 1 seems to know.

If it’s 5% on a single pull for a bonus draw, the 10 pull should be slightly higher. But if it’s the same, it’d be wiser to spend a cple more gems n do single pulls trying for HOTM.

Someone said it should be 5% per hero in the 10 draw but that can’t be true because then the 5% would stack since the % is based on pulls n if you do 10 pulls you’d end up w a 50/50 chance when it’s done of getting 1.

I’ve received 4 of my 5 HOTM from single pulls n so far lost of my alliance has said they got their HOTM from singles n not 10. I truly hope a SG rep can clarify this for me

The odds are the same for each pull, and you can get multiple HotM on a 10x or 30x.

So let’s say the odds of pulling the HotM on a single pull is 1.5%. Then the odds of getting at least one HotM on a 10x would be 1-(0.985^10) = 14% and the odds on a 30x would be 1-(0.985^30) = 36%.


I am curious, does anybody know if there is an increase in your chances of getting the HOTM if you draw them individually instead of doing the 10x draw?

I don’t think so…the odds are the same…some say even worse…but actually they are the same…they always suck :smile:


I already did 20 calls and I did not leave the. Heroes of the month. It’s worse yet, it did not even come 5 *. We always spend more and earn less. Everything in the game is designed to hurt who you spend.

(translated by Coppersky using Google Translate)

As long SG does not publish the odds nobody will really know…


Well poo…guess I’ll stick to the 10x draws…thanks guys

Since nothing has been published and since to my knowledge no data set large enough to do any analysis has been collected, your best bet is to assume you know nothing :wink:

Based on our collective experience (for what that’s worth) the odds are low enough that the difference would be hard to measure. That said, I think it’s also unlikely that SG would introduce a different set of odds for the 2 methods as any motivation I can imagine behind this imbalance would be to encourage more pulls (i.e. more gem spending) and they would need to publish the odds to provide that encouragement - or at least say ‘greater odds for…’

They haven’t made any statements that I know of to that effect. So I think it’s safe to assume odds are the same.

That leaves you with choosing between the benefits of the cheaper per pull price and the benfit of being able to stop pulling if/when you get the hero(es) you are going for.

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Odds are the same…we don’t Need them to publish or state anything…experience tells us so! And actually I hope they follow our suggestions.
PS. People should stop spending money in gems so that they realize things must chance, otherwhise they get the money…we don’t get anything and wine uselessly

By experience you could tell the difference between say 1.2% and 1.5% odds of HOTM pull? Not saying this is the case, just saying we wouldn’t be able to tell without a rigorous analysis of a large data set. Before engaging on this I’d want to have some theory as to why they would bother to make them different. Cant see one really, except to try to encourage more 10X pulls. But since we can’t tell the difference in the odds, there’s no actual affect on the rate of 10X.

What is ‘our suggestion?’ Don’t see one in this thread. Am I missing something? Are you hoping for increased odds for 10X pulls? All pulls?

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I would call it a reasonable assumption that hotm odds per pull are constant. (An assumption which seems to fit the data I’ve seen, but still an assumption. I’m going with it 'tho.)

If true, then odds of a hotm per gem spent is ~15% better if you do 10-pulls.

At least we know that the number of heroes pulled per gem spent is ~15% better with 10-pulls.

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