For HOTM Heroes one by one or 10 or 30 pull?

Hello. The answer to my question is most probably is inside somewhere here but could not found it. I need experienced player guides also technical SG explanation is accepted . To get HOTM heroes what is more effective way in your past experiences? We have a percentage to get one for a single pull. Ok, do we have this probability per each pull in every 10 or 30 pulls? Thanks

You have 1.3% chance for HoTM on every pull
10 pulls - 10 chances
30 pulls - 30 chances
Every HoTM pull have 1.3% chance for pull another HoTM

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From what others have said, you have no better chance either way.

That said, if your budget can support it, doing mass pulls is cheaper on a per gem basis, giving you more pulls which is more flips of the coin. Each flip has the same odds, but more flips increases your overall chance.

But Hotm is like gambling. Spend only what you’re prepared and comfortable losing. Sometimes you have to stop yourself and walk away.

We will by time I am very sure unless we see some good news. let me handle what others says by myself. Experience is what I interested in. Asking at least one year players they do single pull. I like 10 one time pain.

Chances are equal ( see note)

But doing 90 times 1x Summons is slow ( some of my teammates spend their entire entertainment budgets on Summons). So decision is really based on your budget.


DevTim on 100% Uncut Pure Finnish RNG

Tim: Yeah, in my alliance, for example (and I haven’t actually ever said that I work for SGG, and have been playing with them from the beginning) — there’s a belief that if you do summons one by one, you’ll get better heroes. I haven’t commented. It just doesn’t affect anything — but…what can you say. (Linky, linky)

Summons 10x versus 1x

Click for long boring explanation


I only pull once in a two or three months classic vip and game collection. Not planing to go that far, thx by the way. That whispers sometimes useful.


Theoretically you could do 30 pulls and get lucky with a hotm every time. Not likely I know, like theoretically a roulette ball could drop red for 100 spins. Bit if you do a 30 pull there’s no way it’s going to drop 30 hotm at the end. Having done 10 singles and got really luck once with 3 b9nus draws my reckoning is there must be more chance of a hotm on single pulls.

It really is random.
I have sporadically gotten HotM from single pulls and from 10x pulls.
Last year was weird, since I got 9 out of 12 HotM.
Probably burned my luck for this year :grimacing:

You are just as likely to get multiple HOTM on 1x 10-pull as 10x 1-pulls. And it is highly unlikely either way. The only difference is the gem cost. 1x 10-pull is cheaper than 10x 1-pull.


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