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Hey guys,
my question is about the bonus draw system. Is it possible to bonus draw more than once in a 10x pull? Otherwise the odds would be better to just do 10x single pulls(even though more expensive).
I haven’t ever seen or heard of somebody getting more than one on a 10 pull and trying to decide how i want pull for the HOTM

Yes. You get a bonus draw on each individual pull.

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I actually know of someone who said they got 2 hotm in one ten pull. They have always been reliable, but I did not SEE proof of it.

Not only is it possible to get multiple bonus draws (HotM) on a 10 pull, it is even possible (albeit exceedingly rare) to get a bonus draw on your bonus draw. Each individual pull is rolled separately even if you pay for 10 or 30 at once, and your chance is 1.3% on each roll.


I remember seeing a video with 4 bonus draws from one x10 pull

A former alliance member got three HotM in one 10-pull! (It was Zimkitha).

I have seen several get two, never seen four,that’s crazy lucky!

Don’t mind me, everyone above already covered the answers well, I’m just here for tidying:

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I pulled 2 Aegir’s on a 10 pull, i was blown away. Have not had any luck since though lol

I received doubles of both Zimkitty, and Evelyn, more than once. I still have 5 Evelyn, and 4 Zimkitty. I fed the rest of them to themselves…that just doesn’t sound good…but I didn’t know what else to do with them. It hasn’t happened since, so, I thought maybe there was a glitch. I’m glad to know it has happened to others.

Back when delilah was the hotm i drew her 4x in one 10x and the next time i drew her 3x. I also had several 2x pulls on her with my 10x draws. That month i did 10 10x draws and had 18 delilahs. That was many years ago and i have yet to repeat that but its the truth

I have never ever had the pleasure of being suprised with a bonus draw.
Very sad story.

Proof of a double bonus draw for you.

10pull from the Legends summon.

Now please excuse me while I go scream for a bit.

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