HOTM chances, “Summons x 10” button, vs Summons 10 times

Hi all!

Does the “Summon x 10” button equal 10 chances for the Hero of the Month, or is that just one chance (as opposed to hitting the single summons button 10 times)?

10 chances, so you could get lucky multiple.times

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Nice! That’s what I thought. Just making sure. :slight_smile:

Not worth it, I recieved all 3 star heros an sf most were duplicates.

some experienced 3 hotms after a 10x pull. goodluck mate! :wink:

If you do 10x summons, you get the same chance as doing 10 separate pulls.

There’s no reason to do 10 single pulls over a full 10x, assuming you have the gems.

Ok, little brain here. Any statistician types want to weigh in?
It seems like having 10 chances of 1.3% to get a hotm is better than 1 chance (by using the 10 pull feature).

I’m not a statistician type, but the data seems to support that the game makes no distinction between 10 single pulls or a single 10 pull when it comes to rolling HOTM chances. You’ll still get 10 attempts at the 1.3% odds either way, so there is no logical reason to do anything but a 10 pull (or 30 pull) if your gem balance (and budget) allow for it.

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Here i say it, and here i deny it: a mix of the two (single and 10x) for me is the best way to summon.

I will not explain why.
Food for thoughts.

For further discussion, please see: Are the odds of getting a HOTM (Hero of the Month) Different/Same/Better for a 1x or 10x Summons / Single vs. 10 Pull / Individually vs. Ten at Once? [MASTER]

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