One pull 2 bonus




I was lucky enough to get triplets last month, but was from a 10x pull. If yours was just a single summon, that means the bonus draw percentage must also apply to a bonus draw.


3 from a 10x pull? daaaaaaaaaaaaamn


Yeah, and I was at work too in my little cubicle whooping it up louder and louder with each bonus draw. :smile:


The two bonus draws in one summon is very interesting though. I’d thought each summon got a bonus draw percentage, but perhaps that’s not the way things are coded.


Or OP found a bug, and now it’s gonna get fixed and we all lose.




Dangit, I always forget about that! :grimacing:


It is not a bug. It is design. It is possible to get up to 10 bonus summons from each 10x summons. You get a shot for each hero summoned. I’ve had both two and three heroes of the month show up in 10x summons.


He claims this was from a single pull.


This isn’t the first or last time this has been seen! You can get a bonus pull off of the bonus you just got. Pretty crazy lucky though.


Lol, Yes, it is a single 10x summons not a single hero pull. I think there is some miscommunication there. If it was from a single summons, then it is a bug and should be fixed.


We have seen this before though. One single hero with 2 bonus hotm.


Even if it is a bug, the percentage chance is so small that it should be left as is.


Guess we need clarification from the OP. Was this a single pull or a single 10x pull?


So a bonus draw can be made against another bonus draw?

1.3% of 1.3% hmmmm



Probably better odds than getting a Tome from AW loot. :joy:


Happened to me before. I pulled 3
Gravemakers after a 10 pull and another
Time got 2
Gravemakers after a 10 pull. Had 6
All together. Also happened back in April with Aeron. 2 doubles with him.


Chances of getting 3+ HOTMs in a 10x summons are 1 in 4,000. (or should be)


And considering how many people (>100k) make a 10x pull each month, it’s not surprising to see this occur. It would be surprising if it DIDN’T occur.


No chances are 1.3 percent for each pull