Loving the game, would like some advice on my team/s

My first post! So, I started a month ago, and am really liking the game. I have grasped the basics and the forums have been extremely helpful. This is a great community and I appreciate the engagement and ready help provided. I found a great alliance (shout out to Seeking the Grail!) which helps with titans and wars to get the rare mats (though they don’t come often enough!). I have been extremely lucky in my pulls and have the following heroes–

Vivica 2.57
Frida 2.54
Elena 2.52
Red Hood 2.28
Quintus 1.10

Caedmon 3.60
Caedmon 1.10
Melendor 2.3
Skittleskull 1.18
Skittleskull 1.1
Kashrek 1.1
Little John 1.1

Sumitomo 1.20
Kelile 1.21

Cyprian 3.56
Sabina 1.36
Sabina 1.1
Tiburtus 1.20

Chao 1.14
Hu Tao 1.11
Danzaburo 1.1
Li Xiu 1.1

Sonya 1.28
Grimm 1.7

Right now my “main” team is Cyprian (tank in the middle), Vivica, Elena, Frida and Caedmon. and I have some good options for color-stacked teams for titans.

I have a couple questions. I plan on maxing out Red Hood to 2.60, Would it make sense to replace Elena to keep the rainbow team, or Move out Caedmon or Cyprian (whom I know doesn’t get much love on the forums, but he is a nice tank to have in the middle)?

Also, given my options, which heroes would you suggest that I concentrate on leveling up next? Ascending 4* to level 3 won’t be a problem, I have enough mats, but anything further than that will have to wait (the 5*s and further ascnding the 4s). I understand patience is a major part of this game. :slight_smile:

I am still learning how the various heroes and special skills work together, so the experienced people here might be able to help me maximize my teams given the characters I have.

Your advice is welcome!


You should leave the 5* alone for now and worry about your 4* and max them.

5* take so much time and materials focusing on them will slow your growth and chance to pull the ascension materials for those 5* down the line.

Caedmon, Kashhrek, Sumitomo, Kelile, Cyprian, Tiburtus, Li Xiu, Sonya, Grimm should be the focus. I would choose one from each color and take them as far as you can and move on to another 4* of that color.

In most cases a 4/70 4* is better than a 3/70 5*.

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@King_Nothing did a better job explaining that than I could have fumbled fhru although essentially we just about agree on 99% of whatbur order should b. I only say Melendor is a great 4 to level up as quick as u can because he actually dispels the other teams buffs. It’s great to have a hero with that skill.

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He’s got Caedmon at 3/60 and he does the same. Sabina and Sonya as well. If he has the shields he should just finish him off.

He needs a healer so I would get Sabina going in purple.

Caed, Sumi, Sabina, Li Xiu, Grimm for round 1 I would say.

main advice: 4* 4/70 are better, quicker and cheaper to lvl than 5* 3/70

you have to split what you want in 3 categories:

in my order of priority:

  1. titan
    green: melendor, lj (maybe caedmon)
    dark: sabina, tiburtus,
    holy: lixiu, chao
    blue: sonya, grimm
    red: what you have :slight_smile:

  2. raid attack:
    sonya, caedmon, sabina, melendor, grimm, tirburtus, kelile,

  3. war defense, raid defense, events - not that important, so aint worth mentioning imo (lixiu is a good option though :D)


I didn’t c Sabina. And I’m not too familiar with Caedmon but that’s good to know he debuffs the opponent. I’m SO glad u mentioned Sumitomo too. He is so underrated and no one talks about him but he is my favorite 4⭐️. No joke I think he
should get more love.

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I like Sumi. I only have him at 60 but he is cool.

He has all the debuffers (Mel, Caed, Sonya, Sabina) so he will have that covered.

Ur gonna LOVE him at 70!!!

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Gloves are my weak item so I have had to pick and choose carefully.

Currently leveling some 3* so I can get those emblems in the events. But he is on the list. I was actually just looking and can use another maxed red 4*. He may be it for diversity as BT #2 or Wilbur #2 would be the other options likely.

I just put up a topic on a different way some people can hopefully start looking at this ‘unfair legendary’ draw thing and that’s a key point I made. Tried to tell them 5⭐️s can b a real curse considering how hard the items to ascend r to find and the shear time and cost. I have 5 at 3/70
and I would bet it will b months before I can get maybe 2 moved up. But next time u hear someone with the same old complaint direct them here. I think if this doesn’t get them to understand I don’t know what will

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For sure. It is one thing to draw a 5* and an entire different thing to max a 5*.

I have a rainbow 5* maxed with a purple and yellow extra. I have 5 at 70, 2 at 60, and a bunch that just sit there as I don’t see myself using them (Richardx2, Thorne, Horghall, 2nd Isarnia). I have Mats for Green, Blue, and lack 1 ring for another red.

same here I have loads of Heros but not a clue how to sort them into good attacking or defending teams

Any help please…

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honestly you will use the same team for both until you build up your depth.

Can you max Joon?

You have a lot of healers which isn’t bad but you do need offense to win.

I would Max BT, work on and max Hansel, Rigard, Boril

Then Scarlett, Gretal, Kiril, Kashhrek, and another purple hopefully.

I leave the 5*'s out besides Joon for a reason. You will need to build up your depth in order to gain those materials as you grow. you need 30 for the alliance wars. Plus 4* are quicker then 5* and in most cases a maxed 4/70 4* is better than a 3/70 5*.

thanks for the advice so far, much appreciated. What did you mean by this…

Not sure what that means…

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The sturdy shields you need to take Caedmon to his final ascension. He is 100% worth it.

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Ah, understood. I have the shields, but need Fine Gloves. Hopefully the titan drops will be kind…

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Gloves are tough for me as well. I have 4 now but have been really picky lately on who I give them to.

Most of your heros are worthy of them in my opinion. Once you get going on the first set you might get a new good hero along the way. It is a never ending cycle. But a fun one.

“Once you get going on the first set you might get a new good hero along the way. It is a never ending cycle. But a fun one.”

Yes, saving epic tokens for April (just finished Season 1 today) and hope to get another HOTM. I have been really, really lucky so far with pulls. I didn’t even know what a HOTM was and Frida just showed up on maybe my 4th or 5th summons. I got four of my 5s in the first two weeks, then a few days ago, won an epic summons token, and pulled Red Hood. The one time I splurged and spent to do a 10-pull, I got 10 3 heroes. Not going to do that again! From what I’ve read on the boards and talking to my alliance-mates, not going to complain about any crappy pulls I get from now on, I have been incredibly lucky, apparently. :slight_smile:

Only playing a month, but really enjoying it.

Yeah, max Joon if you can. Then I’d max Wu, Hansel, Rigard, Scarlett, and since you have Grimm, I’d go for Gato.

For defense Kashrek and Gormek. I’d flank Kashrek with Grimm and Gormek, place Joon in a corner and I either Hansel, Rigard, or Tyrum in another.

When you have your solid 4 team you should probably work on Melia and Namahage, & Gill-Ra/a 3* green if you get one.

cant max Joon as havent the asecession items…i am running with Kunchen, Joon, grimm, evelyn and boldtusk at the moments it seems a good all round team but is there any other i should change any of them for…most of them I dont have items to bump them up .