The best advice and help you will ever get

So every day I check the forums for many reasons. I wanna c what great advice the Top Dogs in this game r doling out. I love to c what detailed and informative spreadsheets people like @Razor, @_John_Doe and @Pois1 have gone WAY out of their way to create. Then to b honest I want to c if I can maybe help in anyway with somethings I’ve picked up along the way.
The one thing I can tell u is that it is has become apparent that after reading thru the last couple of days I’ve definitely come across advice I know I can give that will help many out frustrated with the game. So here goes.
The frustration a lot of u have with the fact that u r dropping a lot of ur tokens and coins into big time pulls looking for legendary heros, and when they don’t pop up get upset or even angered. I’m here to tell u that while it is nice to have a decent core on ur roster… don’t think loading up on all legendary heros is the key to having fun and winning. I’ll try and explain why and share a personal dilemma of my own for having what I thought was a “good luck stretch.”
Firstly let’s look at what having a roster of a big bunch of 5⭐️ heros is gonna get u.

  • U will spend so much time trying to ascend them that I promise u will wish u had more 4⭐️ heros maxed and legendary heros to compliment. The items needed r hard to come by. The cost in food and time it takes can b exhausting and I promise u that as sure as “death and taxes” u will b in a situation where 2 or 3 r stuck at 3/70 with no where to go because ur waiting for the necessary items. I’m speaking form personal experience. I have 5 legendary heros I can’t do a darn thing with for what’s gonna b a LONG TIME until I get some rare items.
  • Epic heros with the new token system can prove to b equally effective as any legendary even at ascension level 4 hanging around 30-40. As a matter of fact a fully maxed 4⭐️ will beat up on a legendary with out the hero tokens. Keep in mind u get way more bang for ur buck with those tokens on epics too.
  • Final point. Getting ur SH20 up and then TC20s running will give u the chance to shoot for legendary without spending ur gems and tokens. Go that route. And remember… and I cannot stress this enough… the odds ur shown to pull a legendary or hero of the month r just that. Odds. They r not pure math. They’re statistics. Its been shown that as u try more and more often that yes the odds will inevitably b more in ur favor but there will always b a decent percentage that u will still NOT grab a 5⭐️ hero. Just like u could
    toss one token in there and pull and go 1 for 1.

This is also… believe it or not… what makes a game fun and exciting to play. B honest. While u might like it if every time u went to the casino u were guaranteed to win every time, it really wouldn’t b fun. It would b a certainty. And certainties r not fun. So max out those epics and strategize. That’s FUN. Take down teams with 5⭐️s and trust me I will guarantee u enjoy that more than anything. But don’t think having 20 legendary heros makes the game any more fun. It flat out doesn’t.
Last thing. Odds r statistics. Mathematics is science. This is a game and a gamble. That’s the point. Certainty just isn’t by any stretch “fun.”
Hope u can take something away from this and maybe change ur outlooks. I know some of u won’t but hey. Not everything is for anyone. Best of luck to all and I hope u can c the game for what it is.