Advice on setting up a solid team

Hey folks, new player who’s been only playing for six months, but with some great heroes as a result of some monetary investment and luck. I’ve the following 4 and 5 star heroes, and confused on building an optimal team for raids, titans, and general maps and quests.

Red: 4* - Boldtusk, Scarlett, Colen, Kelile, Gormek, Sumitomo; 5* - Elena, Zimkitha
Blue: 4* - Sonya, Valeria, Grimm; 5* - Magni, Aegir, Thorne
Green: 4* - Caedmon, Kashhrek, LIttle John, Skittleskull; 5* - Elkanen, Horghall
Yellow: 4* - Wu Kong, Chao, Li Xiu; 5* - Joon, Justice
Purple: 4* - Rigard, Proteus, Ciprian, Sabina, Tiburtus; 5* - Khiona

As for ascension mats, i have 8 sturdy shields, 11 hidden blades, 6 warm capes, 7 trap tools, and 7 orbs of magic. I also have 5 royal tabards, 3 mystic rings, 2 poison darts, 1 each of mysterious tonic and farsight telescope, and 2 each of damascus blades and tome of tactics.

What confuses me is whether I should go with a team of 4* heroes, or take some of my 5* heros to 3/70 and wait to gather the remaining ascension mats.

Currently using a team of Rigard 4/1, Joon 3/12, Scarlett 3/60, Caedmon 3/60, Grimm 3/60

Would really love to get some help from senior players on this matter.


You’ll want different heroes for different purposes.
For titans: Wu, BT, Grimm/Gormek/Tiburtus, and two strong fast hitters in the strong color against the titan (Scarlett, Kelile, Sonya, Magni, Caedmon, Chao, Joon, Khiona)

For defense: 4* Sonya, BT, Kash, Li, Tibs in that order
For defense: 5* Zim-kitty, Magni, Justice, Khiona. You don’t have a green 5* worth maxing, but there are two available this month.

For raid attack and war attacks, you’ll want to tailor your team to your opponent. In addition to the heroes above, these are also worth maxing: Colen, Sumi, Valeria, LJ and Sabina. Elena and Aegir are worth taking to 3/70. The others aren’t worth using nonfarmable mats on.

I’d work on one of each color, starting with your 4*. Get them to max using same color feeders, then move on to the next. Get two 4* rainbow teams to 4/70 before you worry about 5* heroes. By then, you should have the materials to max out your first 5* team.

Prioritize Wu, BT, Grimm, Caedmon and Chao first.

Ok, with your current materials you’re going to struggle to ascend your 5*, except green, and I’d hold onto your tonics until a better hero comes along.

Red: Get Boldtusk going and max him. After that, I’d say Gormek or Scarlett. Your call, but Gormek will be more useful in the long run. If you get close to the rings necessary, work on Zimkitha.

Blue: Max Grimm. He’s your superstar here. After that, I’d work on Sonya before Magni, as you’re far off the scopes needed and he’s too squishy at 3/70.

Green: You’ve got the shields to max Caedmon, and that’s a win. After that, if nobody better comes along I’d probably go with Little John over Kashrek, who’s a great mid-level tank but if you built up Boldtusk, BT will be your tank.

Yellow: Wu is a gamechanger on titans and will be useful pretty much forever. After that it’s a big drop-off, but I’d probably go Li Xiu before Chao… or honestly Joon. Joon at 3/70 is squishy, but he’s a fast hitter and right on par with Li Xiu and Chao. One of the rare times where a 5* at 3/70 is better than a maxed 4*.

Purple: Keep working on Rigard. He’s going to be part of your team for a long time and you’ve already got him to the 4th ascension.

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