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Hi all.
Since last October when I started playing, I’ve asked for advice twice I think. Once when I started, and once when I had a bunch of 5* heroes to level to 4th tier. The community here have been very helpful, for which you have my thanks. Here we go again!
My heroes:
Defense team:

And these are my mats:

I’ll just post this and then write my thoughts in a second message.

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Levelling strategy is basically to level all my 5* heroes to 3-70, then level one other 5* hero from each colour. For this round of maxed 5* heroes I’m thinking of going for damage. My defense team is sound already, so for raids, quests, and wars, damage is useful. I’ve completed Atlantis hard stages.

Purple: Choice already made. I levelled Hel. Next is Aeron to 3-70, he’ll be useful for trials. Then Kunchen. Most would probably say Kunchen first, but I have Ariel at 3-70 already, and MoNo maxed, so for cleric or cleansing healers I have no pressing need.
Red: Currently taking red hood to 3-70. For my red maxed 5* I am actually thinking Azlar. I feel that I’m lacking heavy hitters in red, and for that Azlar fits the bill. I’ll have another two rings before long. Who would you level next?
Green: Bit of a dilemma here. Lianna, great sniper. But MoNo is just so useful, I am drawn a bit to Alby. And there’s hatter of course who looks fun. Evelyn does ok at 3-70 with maxed skill.
Blue: Frida. I am strong in blue already. But I want to use the Frida/Grimm combo in offense. It should be fun. After that, I will probably max Ariel, who is a great healer.
Yellow. I have mats for two. Out of my choices, I’ll do Onatel first and then Inari I think. If I had Joon, it would be a harder choice, as I lack a heavy hitter in yellow. Could max a second jackal I suppose.

Thoughts on a postcard please! Am I on the right track, or did I miss something? Do explain your thinking if you would. Thanks in advance!

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If you mean level to max, my advice is Frida, Evelyn and Onatel. For red it’s tough now… between azlar and Kong I’d do Azlar first, but take him to 70 and see if you get another by then.

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MN Azlar Alby Khaga Alby


Evelyn works quite well at 3-70 anyway. Her special is maxed, and she survives our titans at current level.

Look at my mats…

If Evelyn works for you even on raids and wars at 70, go with lianna to pair with her. Lianna after Evelyn is absurdly strong and kills nearly any enemy.
Alby is fantastic but having MN maxed and emblemed I would focus on damage dealers

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