Pick my next Heroes oh wise community!

I am at a point where I believe my defense team is set and in quite a rut for pulling new 5* heroes. Looking for some advice for which of each color to prioritize.

Defense team: Joon +7, C-Kiril +20, Telluria +9, Grave Maker +3, Sartana +1. I think I am set here with my current heroes unless someone thinks otherwise.

What I would be leveling for is War/Tavern Depth, Trials, Titans, Events. I have enough Mats to level one 5* of each color and a 4* or two.

Next to level?
Current max: Boldtusk-C +18, Gormek +19, Sumitomo 4/70
Notable to level up: Jean Franqois, Azalar, Tyr, Elena, Wilbur, Shadereave

Current Max: Telluria +9, Horghall +6
Notable to level up: Liana, Margaret, Elkanen, Brynhild, Kashrek-C, Melendor-C, Gladerius

Current Max: Kiril-C +20, Sonya 4/70
Notable to level up: Richard, Isarnia, Snow White, Boril-C, Triton, Grimm, Mireweave

Current Max: Joon +7, Li Xiu-C 4/70, Wu Kong 4/70
Notable to level up: Danzaburo, Hu Tao, Chao

Current Max: Sartana +1, Rigard-C + 19, Tiburtus-C 4/70
Notable to level up: Ameonna, Cyperian, Stonecleave, Merlin, Sabina

How should I prioritize my colors, for those with no 5* option are there 4* to knock out or wait for a 5* or better 4* pull?

I just want to see how this knowledgable community views these heroes before I invest mats in them, maybe I have some great ones, maybe I wait on all colors, you tell me!

Thanks in advance for everyone’s advice.

Red: Wilbur, then Tyr.

Green: Melendor+c, Brynhild, then Lianna.

Blue: Triton (synergy with Kiril = :heart_eyes:), then Grimm, then Snow White.

Yellow: not crazy on any of them… I’d do a duplicate Li if you have it, otherwise Chao.

Purple: Merlin, then Sabina.

Once this is done… You’ll want to pull emblems off Gormek and give to Grimm because Wilbur will do defence drop in red better than Gormek, and Grimm benefits more from emblems than Gormek anyway.


Thanks @BubblesUK, that’s exactly what I picked in my head but don’t have time to write :+1:


Yep, I agree with Bubbles. Your four star depth looks a bit thin so I’d focus there for now.

Costume Melendor is particularly excellent - I have and regularly use three in war (often leaving some of my five stars on the bench in favor of him).

The only thing I’ll disagree with is that I like Danzaburo. If this becomes a debate about their merits I’ll just page the noblest weasel I can find.

One last thing I’ll add: Cyprian helped me a ton in beating the hard Atlantis levels. Though Boril would also work fine for that purpose if you level him.


Early results are a Consensus. Agree, my depth overall is a bit thin that is my issue, my main team is serviceable at this point. Did you emblem Meldor-C or just ride the costume bonus. Is the -c or the -n better?

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I agree, you’ve received solid advice, (that darn @BubblesUK is pretty fast!) and some interesting counter points from @IvyTheTerrible. I won’t ask her to invoke any weasels, but I’ll add that Danzaburo got a bit of a boost in May’s rebalancing. His tile stats are better than Chao’s, so he’s nice in support. My reluctance to use him is that it’s a gamble which trick he plays when he fires. If you’re okay with that, similar to whether you use Wu Kong in regular raids despite his chance to make you miss, then he’s worth of consideration. Lastly, he’s in the same family as Sumitomo, so you get a small family bonus if you have them on the same raid team.

Re Melendor and emblems: I would say “yes” since I suspect you’ll use him often, depending upon how you raid.

Re his costume: I don’t think there is a blanket statement one way or the other. The costume gives you HoT which is more health so long as you opponent doesn’t debuff before all the healing is applied. He also gives his allies a defense boost. I tend to use him with the costume, but will look at the opponent before deciding.

If he’s in your defense lineup, I would think the non-costume version is better since the RNG is likely not to optimize his firing, so you want all the health when you can get it.


Red : Wilbur then Tyr

Green : costume melandor then lianna

Blue: triton then Richard

Yellow : chao, don’t bother with the others

Purple: Merlin then Sabina

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My primary Costumed Melendor is +17 or so. Two others have no emblems (but I still benefit from the costume bonus. I’d say the costume is better for three reasons:

  • You often get more actual heal out of heal over time (since incoming slash attacks on this turn can be healed on the next).
  • His costume adds the defensive buff (non costume has no comparable benefit). This is always welcome and makes him particularly useful against blue titans (to counter their defense debuff).
  • You can more quickly and easily get full value out of C. Melendor. I’d suggest leveling regular Melendor to 4.1 and then maxing the costume to 4.70. That is what I did with my second and third copies, FWIW.

Time for my two cents!

Red - Wilbur then Tyr. Wilber will help you in wars big time
Green - Lianna, you are in need of a green hero that hits
Yellow - Honestly I’d wait. No of those will help you a lot. If I had to choose it would be Chao
Blue - Isarnia would be GREAT for your defense. Triton if you don’t have the MATs for Isarnia
Purple - Merlin, you desperately need a mana control hero

So if you do Isarnia here’s your defense: Isarnia-GM-Telly-Joon-Sartana. That’s a solid line up


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I wouldn’t pick ascensions based on defence…
Isarnia is a useful hero anyway, but should be picked for offensive not defensive reasons.

And suggesting Isarnia on the wing?! Really?! She’s a flank if anything - slows on wings doesn’t work well at all, the only exception is resurrectionists.


That may be the case with ISar. But I always seem to see her on left wing and she give me fits.

Other exception: the slows are supported by a mana booster.

I sometimes run Isarnia on the left wing supported by an emblemed Brynhild on the adjacent flank. That combination works quite well for me. :slight_smile:

Another possible exception - Never tested it on defense, so I could be wrong: When the rest of the team is so scary that the attacker hardly has time to focus on the slow wing. (Consider the infamous GTV centre with a Clarissa or a Kage on the other wing. More often than not, the focus would be on dealing with these fast damage dealers.)


I strongly agree with @IvyTheTerrible.
Im leveling up now a second Melendor.
As i mentioned in other posts in one year of playing i wasnt able to pull a 5* green. However thanks to the costume feature i can say that , with C.Melendor, i have a solid pseudo 5* green healer
I take him every day i need to go green . In events that need a heal , in wars . I have to put some more emblems yet but stopped thanks to Vela.

here my c mel


This is all great advice, thank you…