Suggestions on my team


So the team I’m currently using for defense and just about everything is team one. Any suggestions on who I should be focusing on leveling or switching out. I’ve got pics of my heros below.


I’m just not trying to waste my time leveling heros I shouldn’t be focusing on…


The first thing I would suggest is not leveling too many at a time. Pick one of each color and Max them.

Finish Rigard, Joon, Zeline, Magni, and Boldtusk. That is what I would focus on.

Wu is next after Joon is at 70 id you don’t have the Mats.

Work on the above, it will take some time and then reassess the situiation based on what Mats you have available.


Yeah I’ve got quite an issue with being decisive when it comes to which ones to level… Especially with wars. I’ll suddenly need a hero leveled to try and win then I end up liking that hero and… I’m a mess. But now that I’m getting advice it helps just to follow orders hahaha

So yes sir, I will do exactly what you suggested. Lol

Only one question to that why boldtusk?


The second healer will help a lot for now. Attach his big attack buff and with your hitters will work well. Plus he is a very good tank.


Actually two questions, why boldtusk and also what order should they be in? My OCD caused me to do put them in that color order. I honestly had no idea I did it until after I made this post and looked at it like wait why’d I do that?


And thanks for your help much appreciated mate


Regarding order, take the 5 i mentioned as far as your can with what you have.

I did the same thing when I started. I was leveling all my heros some. When I started focusing on 1 of each color and feeding the same color I have been a lot happier and have been progressing in every aspect of the game.

Wars will take longer. Getting 30 heros leveled is tough. I am still not there yet. Taking 1 of each color as far as I can then moving onto the next. Gradually your war teams will improve.

Boldtusk is a tank/healer/buffer and super useful. I used him for the longest time but since replaced him with Wu on my main team unless I need a 2nd red. Bold is currently entrenched in my defensive team now.


Rigard would be #1 priority in my opinion! I can’t speak of the others in your roster as far as having in my roster. I know who I dislike the most when attacking: I avoid Colen because of his damage-over-time (DoT). Kashhrek is super annoying as “fast” mana fill up is an under-statement. That guy is tough to kill (with my heroes anyway). I don’t even go after the 5* heroes yet unless they are way under-leveled. So, I mostly agree with @Rockstar9280 . Good luck and have fun


I have Rigard, Magni, Boldtusk and Wu (and dream about the elusive Joon, cursing my luck I didn’t get Zeline)…

I agree with Rockstar at every point, though I use BT combined with Grimm to two-punch my target(s). :grin:


See I don’t really understand why people love zeline so much. She really doesn’t do all that great for me… I’ve continuously wanted to swap her our for ceadmon. If I end up going against any kind of hero that adds counter attack to them and surrounding allies I end up either killing or almost killing her trying to remove the buff from them. With ceadmon I could target one opponent without the counter buff to remove it. One of my main problems I’m tired of having to deal with…


Cademon = Dispeller and “sniper”
Zeline = Dispeller and “support”

With support I mean she puts an attack debuff on all enemy heros (-34% attack) which makes 4.80/4.70 heros hit like wet noodles.

She buys you time to stay in the fight.
And she’s tougher than Caedmon.

Zeline is one of the few 5* heros I would use at 3.70 over a 4* at 4.70.


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