Rings for Grazul or Marjana?

I’m sitting on 5 rings and had them all lined up for Grazul, but pulled Marjana today and I’m curious on people’s thoughts on her. My red stack is kind of short on damage, so I’m thinking Marj at 4.80 plus Grazul at 3.70 might be slightly better than the other way around. Since Grazul’s stats are so heavily skewed toward survival already she should have more of her potential available sittting at 3.70, right? Neither one will be on defense and they should just be seeing raid and war duty, although Marj might make the team for green titans. I’m pretty low on snipers and Marj is the only one who could be maxed anytime soon. Here is my five star roster, for reference, minus duplicates:

Sounds like your suggestion will work and you have it under control there, although both great heroes Marjana would be if your after a sniper.

Good luck at getting those rings though, I have had only 1 for months now plus the one I got from the latest event and need 24 atm and that’s not including the reds I haven’t started with so far.

Since it looks like you are lacking maxed support heroes (unless there are some that you didn’t show us), I would go with Grazul.

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