Leo or Justice

got a sixth set of darts from a monster chest today and can max another yellow 5*. got Justice and Leo sitting at 3.70. so who should get the darts? I have Onatel and Joon maxed out already. and my complete roster can be seen here

As a hero, I don’t like Leo at all, at least not on defense. His attack is fairly high and he is durable, maybe he is good for stacking in raids and titans.

I’d say Leo if your defense team is good, Justice o/w.

Justice is great for defense, but for offense she’s only good at rush attack raid tournaments. I don’t think you need her maxed at this moment, since you have Saint Nick as your tank, and if you ever need a yellow tank for wars Onatel already works for that.

Leonidas is a good offensive hero. Not a great one like Joon, but a good one nonetheless. I’d say go with him so you have more than just Joon and Onatel for stacking yellow.

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A 2nd vote for Leo. He was one of my first 5*s so played with him a LOT! :rofl: I found him very good at controlling mana in healer-heavy raids. He’s also decent in wars offensively. (Think: It’s healing wars and your opponent has that healer in the corner. )

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A 3rd vote for Leo, he was also my first 5* and have used him extensively… His mana control and self heal is actually wonderful in many situations especially if he is last man standing… He can hit and regain health at the same time. There were times I was down to 1v3 and I just carefully ghosted and killed the opponents one by one. It’s very nice to have a sniper who controls mana, hits the opponent and gain health. Very helpful. I also have Justice fully leveled, because she is the only good tank I had. I use her as tank and Leo in the wings. The team comfortably keeps in diamond. :slight_smile:


I have both maxed, and no regrets. Justice +7 is my war and raid tank and performs well. Leo is handy enough for stacking and that mana cut is brutal. I don’t think either are top tier heroes but they are good enough at their jobs

I think the answer could also be a third one, to wait for something better. However, you would probably need to be a fair spender to make that worthwhile. If you’re doing heaps of pulls every month then maybe you’ll pick up Poseidon or Guinevere and regret maxing these guys. I pulled Guin just after I maxed Leo, which was disappointing, but it only took me a couple of months and a bit of luck to get the darts back so it wasn’t too bad. So you might consider waiting, if you’re a big spender

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mine actually too - first 5* out TC20, first 5* ever. I was working on hi, when I got Onatel. and then was lucky enough to get Joon from TC20 as well. now it is decision time.

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I did wait - that is why I have both Justice and Leo at 3.70. well, that and the darts.
Leo it is then! I have 4 of them - maybe the RNG stops giving him to me when I have maxed lol

Yeah, I also got my Joon few days back… Now he has to wait for his precious darts and orbs. :slight_smile:

imo Leo is better than Justice , in AW i will attack all Justice Tank but not Leo ( Avg Mana , Hit Hard , burn Mana) , he give bigger punishment than Justice for bad board

Justice is a nice tank and hits like a beast

In my honest opinion it’s a difficult choice. Both are good and will serve you well. I have both at the same level. But I chose Leonidas to get to the top first.

thank you got the comments, guys. I decided to go with Leo.

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