Leonidus or Justice?!

I need direction on who would be best as my tank? Leo or Justice? Justice is awesome, but slow…Leo is Average, and heals himself 75% each shot he takes?! Please, I need some good advice! :crazy_face:

If you wanna choose tank, Justice is better due to higher defence and HP.

But if you have other choices, choose them as both are not fantastic tanks haha…

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Okay, forget the whole TANK part, haha, and just in general? And maybe offer. some names of GOOD TANKS , as opposed to just snickering?! Haha

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I have both ascended. Wouldn’t heartily recommend spending darts on either, but if they are your only options, Leo probably has more overall utility. Can’t remember last time I used Justice to any great effect


Comparing both as tank, justice is better. But for offense Leo is better. For a better tank you might consider telluria :sweat_smile:


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I know you said forget the tank part, but if, and only if, you need a tank only, Justice is clearly superior. She had my Paladin emblems when I was new to diamond and she is a bankable tank

My view though is that defense is not very interesting. I prefer to ascend heroes who I actually will use when I play the game, not when I set defenders overnight. If you have a few good fives in a reasonable setup, you’ll stay in diamond anyway

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