Where to throw my darts

I only have 3 darts at the moment, but I’ve got 6 mysitc rings, so I’m starting to think about 5* ascension. Here’s my predicament:
I have Justice 3/19, Onatel 1/18, and Leonidas 1/7. I’ve had Justice for a few months now. I pulled Leonidas shortly after, but I didn’t think his skills fit with my group at the time, and I’ve recently pulled Onatel. Who would fit better in my lineup?

Evelyn, Athena, Rigard, and Azlar are my other heroes currently. I also have Isarnia as my other 5*, but I have been leveling Athena since October, and I keep hearing she’s better anyway.

I guess I’m attached to Justice. I’ve worked on training her for a long time, but my lineup is flush with AOE heroes. Onatel is interesting, but would she really be more useful than Justice or Leonidas?

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Just my opinion.

For me, Justice is kinda useless.

Onatel must be very strong & could help you to get Azlar alive by slowing down the attacker (for war/raid defense).

Leonidas is my favorite one but it’s probably cause it’s my single yellow 5*. Anyway, I do think that Leo is a really good heroes. Not saying he’s the heroes of the year but I really like him :blush:

Edit : but I guess that Onatel > all :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I love Onatel’s design and think she is very dart-worthy. I’ve written a lot about her in this thread: Onatel, best hero idea

Justice is a tanky tank, but that’s all she does. Very low attack stat makes her nearly useless against titans or on offensive raids/wars.

Leo would also be a solid choice. His attack has gotten much more respectable over several buffs in 2018.

So my vote would be Onatel, but with a nod to Leo.

EDIT gender pronoun corrections.


Justice is a chick, are you trying to start a riot?
Lady justice…


Your lineup is very well balanced.

My suggestion for lineup would be:
Rigard - Evelyn - Onatel - Athena - Azlar

  • Rigard - for cleanse
  • Evelyn - for dispel
  • Onatel - high defense tank with mana control
  • Athena - strong defense debuff
  • Azlar - strong finisher

Justice works as well but my opinion is that Onatel would be better.

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Of course, my hope is to get the HOTM next month to replace Rigard as well. Does that change anyone’s opinion?

Justice is not a real threat in raids. Slow mana and Her damage is so weak, and her blinding can be easily dispell.

Meanwhile onatel is an unique one. She is tanky as justice, and mana control ability can become a game changer

If I am not mistaken, the next HoTM is also a tank as well.

It would give you more variation in your tank spot but Rigard is irreplaceable unless you have Zim.
Vivica is slow so not really great for me which is similar to the next purple HoTM.

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Lady Locke cleanses, too


True but Tamsin already has Evelyn. So no to 2 green side by side.

Cleanse/debuff/dispel are best to be on the left side of the defense lineup.

Kunchen, the February HotM, is a direct replacement for Rigard. Kunchen does everything that Rigard does PLUS throws a good -defense on all foes PLUS is immune to -defense. But he’s slow.

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Actually that’s the point. Tank stats with slow mana. A different version of MN but might be too late if he fires his skill in the corner. Has to be a tank IMO.

I’m puzzled; Kunchen doesn’t attack. Heals all, afflicts all foes.

Old school battleship tank that delays all enemies and protects all allies. He is one scary tank if not taken out soon. His cleanse is for when you have a bad board and is unable to kill him. He will make your raid a nightmare.

I like your intro about the rings that are encouraging you to “throw your darts” :smile:

For defense I think you lack a tank. - so Onatel
For ofense I think you lack a hitter. - so Leonidas
Justice? Gave her the rings, the lady judge is blind anyway :wink:

Overall I would choose a Hotm first.


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