Justice or Leonidas worth the darts?

Hi, I managed to save 12 darts now and was wondering if I should give 6 to either of them or wait for someone else… I have Vivica and Onatel maxed and emblemed.

Basically they will be used for war depth, possibly added to mono yellow titan/raid attacks (bunched together with mist, jackal, wu kong, viv and onatel)

Question is, do either of them deserve the darts (or should I wait)? And if so, can they improve my mono yellow team?

Leonidas - yes, if you have troops or plan to chase his costume.
Justice - for me only with costume.


Short answer no.

Medium answer wait until after this next costume portal.

Long answer is if you dont get a costume - it depends. Leo can fit into a war or raid team and perform adequately but will be always be fairly mediocre. Justice will only shine in vf format wars and tournies. So based on that decide if you have a use for either…


I think Leo will give you a better hero in the everyday uses. Hes well rounded than Justice.

I can see few uses for Justice nowadays. Only in the Rush clause tournament/war


I have not had good luck with costumes. I dont spend gems on costume pulls (maybe i should start) and only use the costume keys that i get for playing the events… I just have a hard time trying to play an average speed sniper (Leo) sure the mana cut and life steal are ok, but Im not sure its something to write home about…

It isnt. I used him in mono yellow for a long time, because I had noone better. He did ok. Got replaced when I got joon.

So initially he will do his job like a workhorse, until you can replace him…

On a side note this next costume portal is well worth spending on, if you do spend. Very good chances of getting costumes that will help you out in at least 3 and 4* tournies


I personally would wait until after the costume event ends. See if you get a costume for either of them.
I am waiting for Leonidas costume - he is currently at 3/70.
Justice was my first 5* yellow so I have her at 4/80 and she was a good tank for me at the time.
That said if you don’t get either costume, with 12 darts I would spend six on Leonidas he does ok in a mono team

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