Should I level onatel or leonidas?

I have both heroes and am not sure which one to level up first.
I have Joon and Choa .

The role would be raids and war.

Which would you do and why?

Thanks in advance

You should post a pic with all of your heroes to have better advices for raids and war’s teams but Id say that Onatel is better than Leonidas.


  • Average
  • 1 target
  • reduces mana by 40%
  • 365% damage
  • heals by 75% of damage dealt


  • Average
  • 3 targets
  • steals (incoming gains) mana from the targets
  • 250% damage
  • heals every holy allies for 4% every turn for 6 turn (undispellable)

Onatel 100%


This is a good question…was just discussing this… taked 4 orbs 4 each ascencion n there r 4 good holy heros in quedtion…who do u go with???

I don’t have Leonidas, but he sure doesn’t seem to impact me when I raid a team with him on it. He doesn’t even register. Ona is one of those I would target earlier, because she is a bit more of a threat on defense.

For offense I think Ona would be far superior.

For Titans I light give Leo the edge just because of his better attack stat…but since I haven’t used either in that setting I’m willing to be wrong. But neither’s special screams “titan killer”


Leo will sneak up on you. His last adjustments made him better. His “grade” never changed but that thing never got updated for old heroes anyway.

I’d go leonidas. Actually going to give him darts myself if i don’t get poseidon within next few months

I’ve got both Leo and Onatel; she’ll be getting darts tomorrow, while Leo is at 1/1. I don’t find his special compelling enough to offset his mediocre sniper attack. Onatel can completely own a raid, though.


Leo is my only 5* yellow, had him at 3 70 for ages hoping for some one better, have everything i need to ac, might just do it

I would go for Onatel - she’s work better either both Attack / Defense.

Same as @Robkirky1 @Rigs - I will be gg for Leo if there’s no other Yellow 5* produces from the 3x TC20 that i am running. Too be honest - his stats are actually on par with Lianna - might start to enjoy him if i level him up fully.

I don’t have Leo, but Onatel has taken me to places i didn’t think i was ready to go yet! Her mana steal is simply amazing. Especially up against tough bosses.
She does take a little bit of strategy, but if you can save tile cascades for her 3rd or 4th turn after you’ve triggered her special you just wipe out who you are up against!
She has gotten me into diamond just being on defense.
I put her on flank this war and it took our opposing team 5 flags just to take my team out.
I wish i could see how some of those battles played out!

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Onatel is a good hero. Leo is a good hero. Onatel can win a raid. Leo is consistent. I would give the edge to Onatel.

But be clear. Onatel is not Guin by any means, and Leo is not Joon. They’re both B tier heroes for the role they play.

Yea, sorry i didnt finish what i was gana say lol. IF i had Onatel i would ac her, depending on your team and level she could go anywhere

I have both. Onatel by far. She is amazing, especially when you are in trouble, she will often get you out of it. The elemental heal is widely underestimated, couple that with her mana control & some understanding of when & how to apply it and you will find that even with a crippled attack you can turn things around. She is a must have for Boss fights (events). Once her special goes off, you control things from there.

She is also my tank. I feature in the top 100 on a regular basis and that is a testimony to her defence as well. She is an A+, no doubt


I have doctor strange (onatel)3/70 atm im missing one dart for final ascend i pair her with li xiu, if i open just them its gg all enemies have her effect mana steal ,been in diamond many times and she keeps me around 2000/2300 trophies

Leo isn’t that great, I never mind attacking him. Onatel is easy unless she fires, and then disaster strikes. Onatel is probably better on offense for better control. I’d go Onatel to 4/80 and leave Leo at 1/1

Thanks all, you confirmed what I was thinking. Now I just have to learn how to use her effectively.

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As strange as it seems again i vote for Leo.
More damage, more attack stat, immediate heal and mana control.

Onatel is more meant for the long run, and once she start she never stop. But honestly my runs are never very long, and i don’t really want to resove on a hero that kill you slowly.

I have 2 of her both leveled at 80. I have won way more raids since I’ve been using her on my team. She works great with Joon. I also have Leonidas haven’t started leveling him at all yet. She is definitely worth leveling up.

The reality is I will do both.
I like Leo for the surgical mana reduction I get just before a nasty hero fires, plus the damage he does.
Onatel because of the above.
The mats will appear in time.
I have guin at 1:1 but I prefer building my bench for attack rather than getting a really good tank.

How are you using her? At average mana, I find that she spins up pretty fast and then just melts faces on offense.

There’s usually no real need to delay hitting affected enemies with tiles, particularly if the tiles you’re hitting with do damage. Prioritize damage combos early, and clearance combos later in her effect timeline.

Of course, sometimes delaying is by far the better call. She’s a hero that demands good judgement to get the most out of–which is one of the things I really love about her.

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