Khagan, Khagan, khagan

Ack, already have 2 Khagans at 4/80, have 12 mystic rings and a third khagan at 3/70…should i ascend him? I have no other red 5 star available …

I also have Azlar at 4/80 - stuck with only slow red 5 stars

My personal opinion is no. Nothing against him, but do you really need a third? Only possibly for wars but I’d think I’d rather wait for another.


Please tell me where you got your mystic rings. I’ve had Khagan (2) at 3:70 for several months.

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I’m gonna say no as well. I don’t even think you need 2 Khaghans to begin with :stuck_out_tongue:

What about any 4*s or 3*s your red bench? I’d rather work on a duplicate Scarlett, Namahage or even Nashgar, before working on a duplicate Khaghan and spending all that food.


Nooooo…save them for later.

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Only if you have Grazul to go with them :rofl:

I say NO. 2 and azlar are plenty LOL

Would you be willing to adopt my 3.70 Khagan? I think you would treat him better.

I would love some Khagan advice. I just drew him from my TC20. I already have Anzogh almost maxed and am planning on giving him some emblems and making him my tank. I really don’t know how much I would use Khagan I have no problem with class quests. Obviously he and Anzogh would be great in a 5* rush no blue touranament but that seems to niche. My other reds are BT, Gormek, Scarlett all maxed with emblems and Kelile and 2nd Gormek at 3/60. Where am I going to use Khagan? Does he function at 2/60 or 3/70 if his skill is maxed? I have 4 rings and 4 hidden blades. Would he be more useful to me at 3/70 than 2nd BT, Gormek, Scarlett at 4/70 or 1st Kelile. @IvyTheTerrible any thoughts?

Khaghan doesn’t function great at 3.70. At best he’ll be a support hero that increases defense and mana, but his damage and durability will suffer greatly if he’s not maxed.

I’d argue that a first Kelile would be much better to max over bringing Khagan to 3.70.


I’m glad to hear someone say that. I’ve had her at 3/60 for ever and I really like her. In war I try to stack by speed and mostly play 3/2 so Kelile gets stacked with Scarlett a lot, even at 3/60 she does pretty decent damage.

LOL Khaghan doesnt function great at any level :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I take khagan into battle in a 3/2 configuration over many other alternatives. I personally think he is one of the better red heroes. People who say he is no good most like have never used him… saying that I wouldn’t suggest that you ascend a third khagan.


My first thought was that this may be a don’t start leveling that hero unless you intend to max them situation. I don’t have Khagan, so I can’t speak to his ability at 3.70, but his mana speed makes me worry he’ll too often die before firing.

I also can’t speak to Khagan’s value as an attacker, but a 2nd Boldtusk is a high bar (I’m actually maxing a second BT right now just for war). Better mana speed, arguably better support effect, and less resource and time intensive for you to get him to 70.

The one spot I can address Khagan is in defense (speaking from the attacker’s perspective). I’m pretty underwhelmed with him - he posts a below average win rate against me, and I don’t really fear him, whether or not he’s about to fire. He doesn’t kill and his effect is almost always neutered by the fact that he usually only covers one neighbor (e.g., he’s a flank and by the time he fires the tank is down) and / or I can often dispel it immediately or soon.

What’s the summons situation? I know a Queen of Hearts, Zimkitha, Red Hood isn’t super likely, but I’d lean towards waiting as long as you still have other productive leveling options. Also, keep in mind you basically have 5 rings, as Mount Umber is imminent.

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For summons I’m a F2P/C2p, as in as cheap as you can get. The Valentine’s Event (I think it was $2.99) was my first, and so far only, purchase. I intend to pull as heavy as I can in Nov(excluding riddles) but probably skip December (I’m super exited about excited about Neith and not at all about Grimble… Vela sounds cool though). So, no red at Halloween, no pulls on Riddles so the next time now I’m looking at pulling heavy will be January and I’m not super interested in G. kong…

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Khagan is good for offense but poor for defense.

Also, best to flank him with powerful AOE heroes.


Just had a very tough raid with him on flank and MN on the wing next to him. Pretty tough combo.


I on the other hand have used him and he’s just as worthless now as he was before his buff. I’ll stick with my Gravemakers, Zim, Mitsuko and all my other reds

If you have EHTs, you could pull during the Christmas event for a shot at Santa. I would suggest the same for @KingKurtice . Minions, att + def debuffs, what’s not to like.

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