Khagan or Kelile?!?! Ups and Now Guardian Falcon

Hi everyone, need a bit help for an Ascendig Hero!!!
Got Khangan and Kelile 2 RED Heroes for Ascending, but only have mats for fully max Kelile or To ascend Khangan till 3/70!
Which one is Better (I Know Khangan is better fully maxed), but need to know if Khangan (3/70) is better than Kelile MAX.

thanks guys,

Kelile is better when maxed

Khagan is meh for 5*. U will find another better 5* red. Khagan is considerably at the bottom list for 5* red

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Always 4* to max over a 5* to 3/70

At least until you have a great solid foundation of maxed 4* heroes…

My advice is work up to about 15-20 maxed 4* before worrying about 5* heroes :slight_smile:


What Guvnor said.

Kelile is not bad and at least better as Khagan, I’d say, because she’s faster. Wait for a better red 5*…

(I just fixed the title of your thread, it’s Khagan, not Khangan - so it can be found in the search better)

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In my honest opinion, I would max Kelile first. She will help you get the extra mats to fully level Khagan
Good luck


Thanks for the correction :stuck_out_tongue:

Thans everyone for your help.

almost finishing Rigard, then Kelile


What the hell, now for a bit suprised, got Guardian Falcon too…
Kelile is UP or G. Falcon???!??!?!?!!

Good question. I’d go for Falcon, I like him :slight_smile:

If you can’t decide, bring both to 3/60 and try them out. Falcon can help a red stack a lot, he can boost Kelile’s damage, too.

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only got mats for one

thats my issue here :wink:

Yeah but for 3/60 you don’t need unfarmable mats and they’re a bit useful there.

In march last year I decided to bring all my 4* to 3/60 and max the best ones afterwards (collected the mats through this time), so I had a big bunch of 3/60s for war in may/june :slight_smile:

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Indeed, sorry read all and dont see the 3/60 :slight_smile:

Falcon is a hero that will be used long after you have a bench full of 5*. His red defense down is unique and great for red offense. His defense and health stats are great and will keep him alive on titans. Kelile is useful, but she will fade to the back of the roster quickly.

Falcon is the better choice IMO.


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