Khagan.. Lord of the rings?

I pulled his costume. So should I take the plunge? Does anybody have any experience with him. Could be nice for fast wars or tourneys. I dont have any emblems for him unfortunately.

Some background. I’m very indecisive. However! The future of this game is murky at best. Its definitely headed in the wrong direction so I’m feeling reckless. Thoughts?

I don’t have his costume but he is a very good hit-3 hero, it takes time to charge but he can do a good amount of damage.

About the future of the game… would you ascend a hero that you already have or rather keep your rings for some hero you would never get?

Doooo ittttttt

:slight_smile: Not much more from me haha


This is pretty good advice but I do have a few maxed 5* that I dont use for anything besides an occasional trial run so I wouldnt want to ascend Khagan just to keep them company

Especially since the buff, he is awesome! Especially combined with a Wilbur and Boldtusk to def-down and attack up before he goes off. My red stack wins far more often than not since I switched in Khagan (replacing Jean-François, who does fine on my second red team, but doesn’t benefit from attack up and defense down).


And that is one wise realization. I approve. Why max a hero when it can only be barely used. Better save those resources. As long as a player summons heroes from various portals, be it through free or paid pulls, there is always a chance getting those prized heroes. Let other players max those less-loved heroes and wait for their feedback ahahaha

I use Khagan with BT and Guardian Falcon - pretty devastating when timed together on a raid :grinning:
… but especailly with any defence down such as Wilbur, Tiburtus…
So that’s a yes for Khagan from me!


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