Green 5* dilemma

Lucky me huh. Throughout past several months I’ve acquired three 5 stars green heroes…let me introduce them: elk, horgal and kadilen :rofl:
All of them stuck at 3/70…but today I got my 6th tonic and I started to wonder olif any of those is worthy. Are you worthy of the mats elk? :wink:
I’m c2p so my chances for decent green lies in Tc (lianna please, pretty please)…and that’s it. But if she comes, my dilemma stays as presented.
Couple days ago I saw kadilen in top 10 def team…what? Maybe I’m in possession of a rare diamond :wink:
Let me know what is your opinion about it?
Btw - boldie and ares tanking and joon / sartana / seshat / magni are the snipers :slight_smile:

Kadilen is the 2nd best standard (non-event/hotm/atlantis) green hero. Fast mana, druid class which can be annoying to deal with in raids. You could put her next to Ares so that she hits all targets with his buff and let your snipers clean up. In raids, her shield is a great protection against all those snipers in top defenses, that way they won’t one-shot your weakest heroes. In my book she’s a good hero, especially for a standard one.


Do you have Ares to do as Rafalss suggests, or is this all your 5s? Without a full picture of your conplete roster, all that can be said is Kad is a good hero. Also, until you detail your game style, that is all the help you will get.

Recently I’ve got ares - still levelling him (3/70 currentyl). My idea was to flank him with seshat and joon, but after your comments I need to check how kad and ares work together :slight_smile:

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