Justice or Joon?

Hello guys. With this silloh desert quest i will get my 6th poison dart.
I wonder which hero would fit better and benefit the most to my roster .

My current defense is this . Its good enough to keep me in high platinum and sometimes let me open a Diamond raid chest . Im between 2300 and 2500 cups at max

If you need more info about my roster only ask me !

Joon over Justice.



Hello Void .
What path should i take with Joon?
I see hes very squishy

I don’t have Justice myself, but I do have Joon. Looking at that defense, it could use a sniper, so my gut feeling is that Joon would be the better choice in your case.

I have Joon and he’s emblemed up to about +11 or so. I use him every day when raiding, and he’s a staple of my attacking. As noted, I don’t have Justice, but being Slow speed, I much prefer the Fast speed Joon. So choosing Joon would be the more versatile choice, in my opinion.

Good gaming!

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Joon. I have 2 maxed and Justice at 3.70. Emblems on attack 100%.

Killing is his business and business is good.


Another vote for joon - fast mana beats slow mana like a drum - joon is also more versatile

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Thanks Fizban.
What i like of Justice is that shes not a passive tank like Boldtusk ! And she could be very deadly if she fires.

Joon is a top sniper but i dont know if he fits well on defense or if hed die quickly(on offense theres no argue joon over justice)

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Get Vela in the middle. :slight_smile: She’ll make people hurt.

Joon for sure, he has the chance to get a costume too.

Though I will say, a heavily emblemed Justice can make for a formidable tank. If I needed a yellow tank I would not hesitate to use her.

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Wouldn’t let me post jooooooooooooooooooon

Id say i need a tank no matter the color … But having Jean francois ready to go i think i will choose him as a tank (or maybe another option that could come later ) and using Joon as my hitter

Joon is a great hitter. If you are fortunate enough to pull a Jackal from Guardians, the Jackal-Joon 1-2 combo is devastating.

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I think you need a 5 star tank more than a sniper. Justice is a good one.

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I disagree.
I think a devastating sniper is better than just a 5 star tank.

Now if you had the top of the food chain tank (which as of 03.20.2020 are Telluria, Ursena, Black Knight) then I would level them.

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As the ascention mats are rare I would rather invest those in Joon. Justice purpose is tanking and she is really good at it…but Joon is a helluva sniper who help any attacking team :slight_smile:

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Yes… yes it is! If the OP should get G.Jackal… Joon is the hands-down winner. :slight_smile:

This is what I use against Purple titans… I do a little damage. :wink: Worth every single orb!


Well Jackal is one of my goals !sad that guardians dont come in may to try hard to get jackal . (I mean im saving resources to get clarissa)

But he doesn’t have those A listers, he has Boldtusk.

In my honest opinion, and I have both these heroes on max, I would go with Joon. Put emblems on him and you won’t be disappointed, he is even better in costume.
Justice is good in tank position for mono teams or colour stack but will need emblems. She is a beast when she fires.
Good luck


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