🔵 [July 14, 2019] Trials of Fortitude Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

2 healers (Ariel + Rigard)
2 half healers (Gadeirus + Gobbler)

I did it without Dragon Attacks, Caedmon, Gadeirus, and Gobbler did the damage.

No, it won’t kill Vivica so I didn’t bring him.

Not really, only small level and embelm changes, this is the new one:

Not exactly. It was the change in strategy that matter, I ditch Dragon Attacks for Minor Mana Potions.

10 Healing Potions
4 Arrow Attacks
4 Bomb Attacks
4 Minor Mana Potions

Nothing for now.



I used Horghall, Boril, Ceadmon+3, Rigard+16 and Melendor+17
Boril again instead of Elkanen(3/70), since he wasn’t good last time

Nuked from the start, but it still took ages to finish them off

Emblems are for Rigard& Melendor until I max them. Don’t know who will get them afterwards.


Rigard - Caedmon - Zim - Hansel - Vivica


These trials full of healers and heroes with passive abilities are the ones that i find the most boring and sometimes hateful. I dont know who came with the idea of putting Vivica (and Tuck in the other) boss so she/they can annoy the hell outta me. But i wont lose my whole day fighting these clowns so i bombed and axed them.


Definitely a trial of patience. 2 healers and 2 dispellers this time for me (I substituted Boril out in favor of Hatter and Caedmon) so it went easy enough:

I got a little impatient and used a dragon attack because it was taking longer than I wanted. Dumb move but whatev. All in all, pretty smooth:


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

As usual, this one is all about Brienne, and it was pick-on-Brienne day, so I used 2 Revive Scrolls for her. (Last time I didn’t need any.)

This one really isn’t challenging at all, just tedious.

I set off Horghall intentionally 3 times to get him to hit Boril’s Riposte, and then finished him off with tiles.

After that, it’s just a matter of tile damage with Brienne active until Bosses Boril and Vivica die.

Shiny New Emblems

Rigard went up one to +7, and Gadeirus went up one to +5, now that I finally decided he’s my second Druid.

Unwavering Focus on Food

Gregorian ate the Trainer Hero on his slow climb to third ascension.


Gafar took Belith’s place, which is the only change from last time.
Haven’t completed it yet, no WE, but pretty sure it won’t be pretty hard. 2 healers, 2 dispeller and 1 anti healer should get the job done.
Druid emblems will stay on bench as the food/iron cost is too high for now.
Cleric emblems will take Gafar to +1 once maxed and wait on the bench too.


Nuked the bosses due to 4 healers and Caedmon. No clip this time, cause this would have been boring.

Tarlak got fed up. 2nd Porridge cook got her first node to rezz some allies from rush attacks.


Took Ariel, zim, 2 hansels and melendor.

Tiles were quite bad and took a looong time to win. Had to use all the battle items I took as well.


Same team as last time. Just started Gafar, he could be useful for this trial. Rigs and 3.70 Elk on the Cleric bench, with Mel and Gad in the Druid…Grove.

Got there with everyone locked and loaded. Slogged my way through, mostly focusing on Horghall. A number of regular attacks went Caed’s way, and he’s no tank. Ma kept sucking down the mana pots. The boards were not especially kind, but I finally went all Paul Bunyan on his…trunk.

Next to go was Boril. Such thrill. Much excite.

Viv wasn’t too bad, since Lepus gives me some actual damage for this fight. Trainer will likely go to Evelyn after Jack is done. Emblems are the property of Ma North and Master Murder Bunny Lepus.


My team last time: Elkanen 2/60-Hansel 3/10-Ariel 4/64-Guardian Owl 2/60-Kunchen 3/70
My team this time: Elkanen 2/60-Hansel 4/70-Ariel 4/80+6-Guardian Owl 2/60-Kunchen 3/70

-I brought two healers; Ariel and Kunchen. I also had Elkanen who does some self healing.
-Yes, I found it hard to bring a team of heavy hitters. I was tempted to add in Master Lepus 2/60, but was afraid that he was too squishy. I may bring him to 3/70 in the future.
-I have a maxed Boril but I didn’t bring him.

-No, my team didn’t change. Ariel and Hansel have been maxed, which was helpful.
-The level increases helped make the trials a little easier.
-Since Vivica is a boss in the final stage, I was forced to do some minor item nuking in order to deal with Vivica.
-Hoarding all emblems for the time being.
-Boldtusk ate the trainer hero.
-This one was tough. It stinks that I don’t have a red hero I can bring(other than Hawkmoon). I need to get a heavy hitter for this trial. I’ll have to think about it. This is one of my toughest trials.


Done deal.

So funny seeing Viv heal her entire team for 0 :rofl:
The tree fell first, then Boril and kept Viv for last.


I went quickly through the early stages, lots of green and blue. Then slowed a tad at the Boss stage, although the total battle didn’t take long at all. Waiting for greens I was impatient and used my axes - in hindsight 'twas o.t.t.

Borill’s special was active throughout, and poor Groot got cut down smashing into Borill’s riposte repeatedly (I’ve been levelling him, so I swapped him in for Hawkmoon - it was worth the effort). Vivica fell shortly after once green tiles appeared, which left Borill on his lonesome.

MVP - didn’t really have one as it was a team effort. Borill on riposte, Mel & Caed on debuff duty, Rigs extra healing and Kadi on defense.

Emblems and trainer hero into inventory - until I can think about the best use of each.


this time was easy since I had Horghall and Gaderius and used Melandor for dispell. I started out with a rainbow with Hawkmoon and Melia but it wasn’t going to end well I noticed from the 1st stage so switched it up.


Nice line up too I like Caedmon he has my respect


The team : 3300 TP

Used a time stop and dragon attack, just for safe measures , mana pots to keep my heroes alive. HORGY was the only problem but once riposte was activated he weng down quick but not before. Overall ok.

Future thoughts : bring boril to 4th ascension instead of 3/60 :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, i brought 3 healers.
Because of that i decided to bring along Hansel. He hits and his mana control is amazing so you can just smash tiles into someone under his special.
I decided to take 3/60 Boril out for maxed Hansel. Mainly because besides zim who really is most useful for her attack up. Not damage dealt.
So awesome to be able to get a trial done without having to use any items.


My team this time:

  • Melendor +11
  • Rigard + 7
  • Boril 4^70
  • Brienne 3^50
  • Caedmon 4^70

Compared to last time, Melendor is up 4 talents; Rigard, Boril, and Caedmon are all maxed, from 4^27, 4^40, and 4^56, respectively; and Rigard has emblems, but the big change for me was subbing in Brienne for Hawkmoon +20. Hawkmoon is clearly stronger and has the advantage of being red against a green boss like Horghall, but I’m dying to pull her emblems for Rigard, so I thought I’d see if Brienne could hold her own in the final stage and boost my team’s damage to boot, as two of the bosses have passive specials. This turned out to be a terrible idea, and if anyone else is considering doing it, don’t. Brienne was not even able to take one regular attack before dying, and to make things worse, I had her flanking Boril, so I gave away some riposte damage on Horghall. I can’t stress how bad of an idea this was on my part. As it turns out, I also could have used Hawkmoon’s healing, even with Melendor and Rigard in the fold. This one is just a battle of attrition; no two ways about it.

Anyway, the mob waves weren’t very tough, and I did enter the boss wave with all specials ready to fire. As mentioned, Brienne fell rather quickly, but I was able to get Horghall to mess himself up pretty good by getting his special riposted a few times. I tried working with tile damage for a while, because I didn’t want a dragon’s damage and DoT cleansed by Vivica. However, without mana control, the bosses were just firing too often. With Horghall nearly dead, but Vivica and Boril still in relatively good shape, I unloaded 5 axes, 5 bombs, and a dragon, killing Vivica and Horghall. I determined to save the rest of my dragons and finish Boril with tile damage, especially with a green 3tack. Used all of my small healing potions and still finished with only Melendor standing. A terrible effort on my part.

Hawkmoon retains her emblems a while longer. My long-term plan right now is to level Ranvir to 2^60 and see if he is an effective replacement, but he also has to wait on Li Xiu, who is my current yellow project and only at 3^38 right now, so I suspect Hawkmoon returns to action in this trial next time. Druid emblems take Melendor to +12, cleric emblems get stored for Rigard. Trainer hero goes to Hisan.


Brienne has worked very well for me on this one, but I bring Revive Scrolls in case she dies.

By the next time Trials of Fortitude rolls around, my Ranvir should be well leveled, though. So this was probably her last time on that team.


Brought Rigard+14- Lepus (4/20)- Viv- Hatter(3/70)- Mel+8. Didn’t set the board up well prior to bosses and about 1/2 way though got tired of messing around and nuked em with bombs and dragons, plus threw Lepus a couple mana pots. Overkill, I know but wth. Lol. Taking Mel & Rigard’s talents up a little more with the emblems, hanging on to the trainer for now. I think I used Caedmon on the last one instead of Hatter and plan to go back to that in the future until I max Hatter. Lepus should be done by the next one and that should help as well.


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