Choice for Second Druid? Caedmon or Gadeirus?

I keep procrastinating deciding on a second Druid to give Emblems to.

So I’d like some input.

Current Situation

I have Druid Melendor at +18, which is as far as I’m going to take 4* Heroes for the moment.

And I’m not considering giving Emblems to 5* Heroes for the foreseeable future. I’m sticking with 4* Heroes for at least the first 2-3 Heroes in each Class that I give Emblems.


Barring a second Melendor getting Emblems, which I don’t feel inclined to do at the moment, my 4* options are Gadeirus and Caedmon. (I’d like to eventually give Emblems to Belith, Brienne, and Melia, but not as my second Hero in this Class.)

Current Usage

Neither makes my main green stack for Raids, but both will tend to get used in War.


Caedmon is fairly new to me, so I haven’t used him a lot. He was the second to last non-Event 4* Hero I got, ahead of Kashhrek, who took me a year to get. But as a well-balanced dispelling sniper, he has plenty of purpose in War, especially against blue tank teams. I anticipate using him reasonably often.


I’ve had Gadeirus significantly longer, and typically like using him in War paired with Triton and Proteus for the Family Bonus. I have Proteus at +18, a second maxed Proteus, and a third Proteus I was working on maxing before I pulled Seshat and reassigned the Glove and Trap Tools priority. I have Triton at +9, and am currently maxing a second Triton. I also like Gadeirus with Evelyn. So there’s lots of opportunity for me to use him in War with other Heroes I typically use too.

Future Usage

Gadeirus saw a lot of action in some of Season 2 Hard mixed with Evelyn, Melendor, Triton, and Proteus. I’ve been done with Season 2 for a while, so I’m not using him there at the moment, but can imagine using him in Quests or perhaps Season 3 in the future.

Gadeirus would be particularly nice for 4/5* Rush Attack Raid Tournaments.

Caedmon would be particularly nice for 4/5* Buff Booster Raid Tournaments.


Overall, I like both. I’ll use both. Both seem to have similar amounts of usage for me.

So it feels like a somewhat arbitrary decision.

RNG, perhaps? :face_with_monocle:


I have both and in my honest opinion both are good against the Titan and in defence. However I would say that Caedmon is slightly better that Gadeirus on offence. Just my opinion when I play both …


Have you given Emblems to either of them?

Call me crazy, but give them each one emblem. Then play with them until you decide which one you think fits better for your play style. Caed has one emblem from me. Gad is only at 3/60, but he is going to be getting his shields next (not that he really needs more protection seeing as he is made of some kind of dense material which I deduce is stronger than wood).

Or you can wait for me to get my coprolites together and finish Gad then give him one emblem and tell you what to do next.



  1. Caedmon
  2. Gad

@discobot roll 1d2


:game_die: 2


That’s logical, except that’s sort of the problem I already have…both fit my play style, just in different ways.

I’m not sure how a low chance to proc a Thorn Minion is going to change that.

I think ultimately I feel like Caedmon is a more logical choice, but I really like Gadeirus, and would love to have reason to use him more, which Emblems would provide.


Who would benefit most from a minion? My lean is on Gad as even with the family bonus he is still slow. If you are going to be stacking green, how many debuffers do you usually bring with you? Mel, Eve, Caed? Maybe a different skill might be useful?

I have Caedmon at +15
Gadeirus still at 3/60 despite the 33 Sturdy Shields in my storage :smile:
The green 4* I’m still waiting for are Melendor, Hansel, and Buddy…

I was planning to ascend it as 33 shields is enough for two 5* and four 4*… but then the new costume appear in beta and it require more shields… :unamused:… I’ll probably wait untill 7 more shields…:sweat_smile:

I like using Caedmon, for me dispeller is vital, I often bring multiple dispeller in raid but I have to stick with 1 dispeller for each war team because they can only be used once at war. Gadeirus hit very weak and its attack boost only for nearby, the HoT is unreliable without other healer. Never try it for family bonus though…


I have Mel at +7 and Caedmon at +4. Mel will get the new emblems.

No Gad for me, but my wife is currently leveling one on her account.
I tried it a bit and not very fitting my play style. Not a fan of HoT as a primary skill, i prefer a real healing!
And i can never have too many dispeller :rofl:


I think @hrairoo makes a lot of sense.

I have lots of emblems to Gadeirus, he’s such a Swiss army knife.

I use him on raids where I want two or more green and a couple of glass cannons like Grimm and Joon.

I also often team him with other slow greens like Groot, LJ and occasionally skittles for titans and wars.

Caedmon is very well balanced and does fine as is. Mine has a couple of emblems and he gets used too.

It’s actually my Melendor that gets spurned!

Remember that at node 12, Gadeirus gets upgraded with fusion blasters and a multi-tracker


Gad, pretty definitely.

Well I’ve got Evelyn, 4x Melendor, and Caedmon leveled for green dispellers, and Melendor is my first Druid.

So that’s probably one of the strongest arguments for not picking Caedmon as my second Druid.


I guess it depends on what type of playstyle you like more. Do you prefer using offensive or defensive heroes?

I see Caedmon as a more offensive type despite his well balanced stats. He’s fast, dispells the enemy, and hits hard. If I had to put emblems on him I’d choose all att nodes.

Gadeirus on the other hand is all about defense. Slow, heal over time, hits like a wet noodle but can take a few hits from the enemy. I’d go full defense and life with him.

The minion doesn’t make much of a difference imo. I mean, it’s just 15% chance of summoning one at max nodes, isn’t it? :man_shrugging:

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It seems the minion always make an appearence whenever I use Caedmon, sometimes 2 of them…


Maybe it’s just RNG but my Caedmon rarely summons that little vine :smile:


I like control and misdirection, paired with tile damage.

I love mana controllers, blinding, dodging, attack debuffs, DoT, Riposte, etc.

If Proteus and Inari had a baby, it would be an ugly monstrosity, but also my spirit animal.

I also like taking Kiril, Frida, and my +18 attack Grimm out for a ride, they can make most enemies disappear, and any remaining easier to kill with tiles.

And I love taking my Boldtusk, Falcon, and +18 attack Scarlett, who can do a pile of damage while letting me increase tile damage, and even set off special skills intentionally with the attack debuff applied.

They show up quite often in practice.


It’s on defense that they really shine, because each tile hit is a separate chance. You take comparatively fewer hits on offense. But at 15%, the 50/50 point is around 4 hits.

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Gadeirus - you have all the tools to pair him with and also he is somewhat a 4* Ares, so you won’t go wrong with him


One thing to keep in mind is my Caedmon is +14 while my Gadeirus is sitting lonesome at no talent emblems, so I’m not exactly comparing apples to apples here. That said, I have a max+14 Caedmon and a 4/70 Gadeirus, so I like to think I’m speaking from a place of practical experience.

Although I hated raiding a lot more than I do now, my main beef with Gadeirus is just the difference in mana speed. Caedmon usually gets a chance to fire at least once, sometimes twice before kicking the bucket whereas Gadeirus (or a neighbor) gets murdered (or close enough that a random slash attack will ground whomever he was trying to save) before anything substantial happens, significantly reducing his effect. This ends up compounding itself over time in tight raid matchups as Gadeirus quickly falls behind. His slow speed also made combo coordination difficult. My triple green in a 3-2 stack used to be Caedmon, Gadeirus, and Elkanen (before I finally got a Melendor), and it started getting to the point I was flanking Gadeirus with sturdier heroes since glass cannons like Grimm and Panther (or Gadeirus) got killed in tight matches, leaving either Gadeirus less effective or his neighbors without any protection if he himself bit the dust (since my second healer was often Ares who can’t reach that far with his tiny, tiny arms).

Currently I usually run a three stack of Caedmon-Melendor-Little John due to the high tile damage and hope that’s sufficient to knock out the tank, which it usually is barring a +18 Boril or something. Sometimes I will swap in Gadeirus or Elkanen, but they’re just kinda disappointing compared to that trio since they both have comparatively low attack stats and just aren’t as game changing.

Personally I find doubling up the dispellers, especially against a defense that requires it (like double Riposte or a Kiril on flank) means that even if RNG spits on me and kills one of them, the other lives long enough to put the ball back in my court.

Also I like having “hitters” which Caedmon is and Gadeirus is not. When I had a shallower bench, Gadeirus was almost a hitter, but nowadays not so much.

Gadeirus is decent, don’t get me wrong, but as someone who owns one, he’s no Ares. His limitation is his mana speed which has often frustrated me. Another good example is that Gadeirus is a bit like Vivica but not: if Vivica fires, you’re in a much better spot… but if Gadeirus fires… hopefully you can do something with that. I dunno, maybe I’m just not that good at coordinating my strikes. Caedmon is more reliable and consistent by comparison, so he’s been my strike leader for the green team ever since I pulled him (he was my first green 4* and is still carrying the green team).

Just my two gems.


I have both and Caedmon goes every where for me Gads only in wars

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