[Jun 9, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Fortitude Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

This is my team this time around:
Alby +3, Caedmon, Gadeirus, Melendor +7, Ariel +3

Just one slight tweak from the team last time in the hope to get a bit more firepower. Gadeirus coming in for Rigard +11 to add a bit more oomph. Made absolutely no difference. The final fight with Horghall. Vivica and Boril was a complete drag. Did not require any use of items since there was so much healing around and only 1 real ‘hitter’. Well Caedmon does not hit very hard.

As per last time, Boril went down first. His riposte is completely useless vs Melendor/ Caedmon debuff. That was not a problem with the quad green stack. Then it was a long stand off with Vivica. At some point Caedmon accidentally got killed and Alby was being completely obstinate and refused to revive him despite firing 8 times. It just dragged the fight on longer than it needed to be. Once Caedmon had received his smelling salts, the fight resumed and I managed to slowly whittle Viv’s health down slowly but surely. Once Viv was down, I then continued to chop down Horghall, piece by piece.

Emblems go to Alby and Ariel. I think I should have enough to take Alby to the next node. Ariel will have to chill a bit until next time. Trainer hero will go to gravemaker.

Dear devs, maybe you could consider making Viv’s mana charge up even slower. This fight really was a major drag.


I used a couple bombs and dragon attacks but the team was in no danger of defeat.


Two and a half: Ariel, Rigard, & Gadeirus.

Yes, I only bring two and a half hitter: Caedmon, Gobbler, & Gadeirus.

I was planning on finishing it with carpet bombing, so it doesn’t matter if Horghal still alive or not before I decide to throw the carpet bombs. However, somehow he died before I bombed the bosses, that is without Boril.

Very notable…

Old Team:

I forgot to take screenshot of the new team, but more or less, it was like this remake:

I did save 1 more Dragon Attack, could have been more.

2 Healing Potions, 5 Arrow Attacks, 5 Bomb Attacks, & 2 Dragon Attacks. Perhaps I could save more Dragon Attacks if I had use the Healing Potion to prevent Gadeirus from being killed.

I’m running out of food and iron to use it…

Ariel, I put her on priotity as I want her to be ready for pirate event as I can’t use Proteus for that event.


Yes, Caedmon is my only eligible damage dealer for this trial… so I brought the entire arsenal and crawled through the trash mobs to get to the bosses and then nuked the heck out of them cause I have 0 patience for this :stuck_out_tongue:

Caedmon will get the trainer. Almost maxed and then he’ll get the emblems. Cleric emblems will go to Ariel once I get the final telescope and the zillion feeders necessary… game of patience! :smile:


Modt annoying one for me, since Csed is my only hitter here. Vivica stretched the battle to eternity. Nuked the bosses to save an hour.


Kinda easy with this team. Ive just changed, from the last time, one Gandalf since i had two with the newly acquired and almost maxed Rigard (finally got this bad boy from TC20).

Caedmon 4/70 Rigard 4/68 Boril 4/70+9 Zimkitha 3/70 Ganfalf 4/70+9.
Minimum use of items.

Small edit: heres the team, Rigard is now 69 was 67 68 at the time i did the last fight.


My team last time.

My team this time. With Lepus now leveled and holding on to the druid emblems, I rotated that wascally Wabbit in for this fight. I also brought in Hansel, in spite of the 35% immunity Viv and Boril have to his debuff.

I wasn’t as prepared for this fight as I was last time, kicking it off with only Hansel and Caed charged. I tried using Hansel to help guard against Horghall’s special, with mixed results. I slogged through, keeping the bomb attack debuff up as best I could.

Horghall went down, and the boards seemed to favor going after Vivica next (to the extent that they favored anything, I got very little help from the boards in this fight).

With his healing back-up gone, Boril was easy prey.

Adding more damage-dealers certainly helped finish the fight faster, though Lepus’s self-debuff put him at risk. I didn’t lose anyone in the fight this time, likely thanks to the bombs I used to debuff their attack.

The trainer will be saved for my next 5* green (either finishing Evelyn at 3.70, or Morgan, or maybe even Kingston). The emblems will go to Lepus and Ma, depending.

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Last stage, almost 7 minutes, sped up to 4:30.

I was getting irrationally angry at myself mistiming hansel specials with vivica and boril. Used a buncha items due to impatience lol.


I had Rigard, Melandor as flank healers. Maledor worked wonders against Boril as a boss. I deployed Boril myself as tank. And Gadeirus and Agwe was my flank attackers. The team was sufficient to go all the way to the end. I had to use two bombs in the end and a time stop. My trainer hero was fed to Magaret. I did not get enough emblems to do anything but mine will go into four star heroes Boril and Malendor.

It went well. Took down Boril quickly and the rest was a breeze.


I forget to take screenshot.

Melendor - Caedmon - Mnsseus - Boril - Melia
Finish stage 2, can not play stage 3 (Player not yet level 30).

Here’s my Fortitude heroes in spreadsheets.


I had Hawkmoon, Rigard, Boril, Melia, and Horghall. I had to use weapons to kill Vivica because I didn’t really have any other shooters but him and as much as I wanted her to hit the riposte she kept getting charged up.

oooook apparently the game didn’t register that I beat the final stage. Strange.

My team:

Borill was my first target and Caed and Melendor took turns debuffing his riposte. Horghall took out Hawkmoon, although he was next to fall as red tiles worked their magic.

The battle seemed to last for ages after that because Vivica did not want to concede defeat. Patience was a key. Once I finally started to get purple tiles and continuing to debuff her increased defense, before using Kadi (rinsed and repeated… ), I prevailed.

Used axes and turtle banners and some mini health potions - even though I had 3 healers (I never want any hero to die - poor squishy Hawkmoon even with emblems which I’m about to take off her).

First attempt took 6:57, second attempt took 6:52. haha. No items needed 2nd attempt as the boards were much more cooperative.

Made sure I recorded all the way to the loot drop haha.

This has historically one of my worst trials, but thanks to my current leveling projects, my team is much improved over last time; to wit:

  • Melendor +7
  • Hawkmoon +20
  • Rigard 4^27
  • Boril 4^40
  • Caedmon 4^56

Compared to last time, my leveling projects - Boril, Rigard, and Caedmon - swapped in for Melia, Mnesseus, and Brienne. Notable upgrades, but a distinct lack of hitters.

Having so many healers made the mob waves trivial. I had never even tried stage 3 before, but I did this time. I was hurt by the fact that I mis-timed Boril’s riposte a couple of times. Haven’t used him much yet; need more practice. Could have killed Horghall easier - and probably saved Hawkmoon - if I had timed it better. Burned through three dragons to make up for my lack of hitters and two bombs so I didn’t have to fire healers as often. Lost Caedmon when Viv and Boril both targeted him on the same turn, but the rest of the crew was standing at the end.

Was pleasantly surprised how much difference it makes to have a purple hero against Vivica; she can’t heal enough or often enough to punish my lack of hitters. Long battle of attrition, but not as bad as expected.

Melendor to +8; cleric emblems in reserve for Boril, who will also steal the ones from Hawkmoon when the time comes. Trainer hero to Caedmon, who is well on his way to max. Little John is eager for his turn as green project.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

It’s all about Brienne.

As in past iterations of Trials of Fortitude, her attack buff really made the difference in taking out Vivica and Boril without any hitters.

I brought along Revive Scrolls in case she got killed, but I didn’t end up needing them.

I just used 8 minor healing, and 4 minor mana.

Shiny New Emblems

Rigard and Melendor each stepped up a node, to +3 and +17.

When Melendor gets to +18, I’m moving onto another Druid (I’m stopping at +18 on all of my 4*), most likely Caedmon that I’m currently leveling, although I’m dreaming of Emblems on Gadeirus, Brienne, and Melia.

One day, I guess.

Click for Screenshots

Druids feeding Druids

Caedmon got the Trainer Hero, stepping up 3 levels to 3-51.

He should be ready by the next Trials of Fortitude, although I’m not sure whether he’ll make this team.

I might consider him in place of Melendor, but we’ll see.


My team on previous trial, Rigard 4/70, Caedmon 4/70, Agwe 3/60, Zim +4, Kunchen +4.

Ran the same team for two stages, and on the final stage swap Agwe for Gadeirus 3/60, to gain his +48 attack boost for both Caed and Zim… Horghall fell first, then Vivic, it was fun watching Vivic dragging the battle. Used 8 minor mana potions, 3 axes and 3 carpet, just to truncate the battle.

The cleric emblems would go to Vivica, while both the trainer hero and Druids emblems would go to Alby.

My team last time: Horghall 2/60, Boril 4/70, Kunchen 3/70, Hawkmoon 3/50, Melia 3/50
My team this time: Elkanen 2/60, Hansel 3/10, Ariel 4/64, Guardian Owl 2/60, Kunchen 3/70
Last time I completed only the first two stages. This time I completed all three stages.

-I brought two healers: Kunchen and Ariel.
-I did find it extremely difficult to do damage to the bosses with specials. That is why I was unable to complete this trial the last time around. I speed leveled Hansel in order to help with that.
-I brought Boril last time but I found his ability didn’t do enough damage to keep up with Vivica’s healing. He was too passive so I left him behind this time. Ariel’s mana generation was much more useful in his place.
-My team changed significantly since last time. In fact, the only hero that stayed the same was Kunchen.
-The trials were MUCH easier this time around. Elkanen hits harder than Horghall. Ariel’s mana generation helped keep Hansel charged to fire at Vivica and keep her from healing.
-I used mana to charge Ariel/Hansel. I used dragon attacks and bombs on the stage three bosses.
-The emblems are being saved for Ariel. Hopefully she is maxed soon. The last 20 levels for a 5* go so slowly.
-Hansel ate the trainer hero. It was a tough decision. I really, really wanted to give it to Ariel… but a lot of experience would have been given up, so I stayed on color.
-For me, this trial was a great example of how powerful mana control was. Last time, I couldn’t beat this trial. This time? Using Ariel to increase my mana generation and Hansel to keep Vivica from charging made the trial much more manageable.


I brought Rigard/Melendor/Boril/Caedmon/Hawkmoon
Yes, that’s 3 healers, but I wanted to have some Red damage. I lost Hawkmoon quickly though.

I did find it a bit hard to build a team with offensive firepower, but I’m very used to using Boril, and he takes out Horghall nicely. Having 2 debuffers made sure to keep the bosses debuffed, until I lost Caedmon. then it became a grind to kill Boril/Vivica.
Got Boril first, then the slog.

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