JF, Grazul, Elena, Azlar or (lol) Khagan?

Yet another “which 5* red should I ascend” post on the forums, sorry. Normally I wouldn’t post something like this but I’ve spent hours reading here and the bottom line is: who to ascend depends on your current roster, and no two are alike, so here’s mine.

After all the reading I’m leaning towards Grazul just to have a 4th five star healer and her utility in a mono red offense. BUT I feel like I’m already a bit defense heavy with Zim and BK, and Marj is my only red 5 heavy hitter, which makes me then lean towards Elena or Azlar even though I’m kinda meh because of their speed. I really like JF but wouldn’t his burn and Marj’s override each other in stacks, making him redundant?

I’m just very torn. So please throw your recs at me!! If you had my roster, which red would you ascend, and why? JF, Grazul, Elena, Azlar or (lol) Khagan? Thanks in advance!!

I would go Elena for her amazing synergy with BK:

She’s also got an insane attack stat so partners with BK really well for titans!!

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Oh wow! That right there is worth it.

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