๐Ÿ‘‘ Knights of Avalon: Black Knight โ€“ Thoughts & Discussion

lady sif ?

Not sure to get which heroes you are talking about.

He is only annoying. His spells can be dispelled with every dispeller. So he is only a big pile of health and defense.

Just a flesh wound, hopefully not more for your bank account. :wink:


Iโ€™m so done with Avalon!!! Cuts like a knife.

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Wilbur + BK + AoE = annihilation.

Running with Kong and Isarnia regularlyโ€ฆ Wipes anything.

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This right here is the magic Iโ€™m talking about!!!

Perfect synergy!

Made even better by Costume Elena which does 155% counter!!!

Poor Magni didnโ€™t know what hit him :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Iโ€™ve hoarded a good matsโ€™ amount per color, but only 1 Tome; so I have a max maxing dilemma now: BK or JF?
Whoโ€™s going to be maxed? :thinking:

I need your precious input, guys: who do you think would fit better in my Team? Iโ€™m looking for the best DEF synergies.
I can put +19 emblems on BK, and +18 on JF.



I love my Black Knight, zero interest in JF on the other hand. Once you get Black Knight going he is one of the most dominant cards in the game imo. Nothing better than seeing โ€œjust a flesh woundโ€ pop up 3 times during the same turn after attacks by Lianna/Grave/Joon/Alasie/and those other heavy hitters.

My vote goes to Black Knight. He could also get a family boost if you have one or more of Guin, Lady, King and Morgan.


Without a doubt Black Knight. And at +19 heโ€™ll be f*ckin insanely tanky.

I gotta ask, why is defense your priority? No offense, but I I feel like itโ€™s the most boring aspect of the game to make hero choices around.

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I agree with you, @Mr.Spockโ€ฆbut my DEF Team decisions are going to influence my choices concerning emblems :wink:

Do you think that BK could synergize well with my Kunchen Tank? Too passive center maybe? I personally think that Kunchen DEF DOWN+BK ATT BOOST+VELA AOE/DOT could be a very effective combo! :wink:

I had BK + 17 and stripped him of his emblems. Donโ€™t get me wrong - love BK, especially on offense ( but he is beefy enough not to need the emblems )
However BK at flank with Guin ( my war tank ) or Kunch doesnโ€™t make sense as is just too slow of a middle without making any damage which allows people to work the board more comfortably in the beggining.

My 2 cents.


Yeah Iโ€™m of the mindset that you should never have more than 1 tank. BK and Kunchen together is a mistake because the match will be very far along before theyโ€™re both ready, if theyโ€™re ever both even ready at once.

For raid defense, 1 tank and 4 fast/very fast damage dealers is best. For war defense, you can get away with adding a healer or other support heroes, but keep your damage potential strong.

However, you didnโ€™t explain why you highly prioritize defense performance? For war, I guess I can see that but much more important for war success is alliances coordinating tank colors, moreso than how many emblems are on your tank. And for raid defense, as long as you open your raid chest in diamond, which I easily do with 4.80 BK, the additional cups over 2400 offer 0 benefit.

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Who got your barb emblems after BK? Iโ€™m thinking all mine go to Kageโ€ฆ


They were first on Kage, stripped him and emblemed BK, than stripped BK, Kage now +9 and another +9 ( 580 emblems ) sit available for maybe Mok Arr :slight_smile:

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Saving your emblems for Mok-Arr? Well at least now we know we can ignore all your other advice :wink::crazy_face:


:smiley: The 3 Moksโ€™ I have are at 1/1 stillโ€ฆ but I am seriously considering leveling him - we care mostly about war in our alliance as we are stringing the 14* titans without an issue, so all my leveling decisions and emblems are based on war defense and attack :slight_smile: Rigard costumed, TIbs costumed, Mok Arr at 9 tiles is one devastating combo - more or less the same damage i have on another war attack team with Ursena instead of Mok.

But when and if I level him will see :slight_smile: Will flag, so you can mute me than :smiley:


Damn thatโ€™s interesting. I was thinking of a war defense team with Guin as tank and BK on flank.

It is too slow. My Guin is +17 for context. My war defense had been performing much better with Marjana +7 or JF +0 vs BK+17 in the line-up

The only one I saw working to an extent (with BK and Guin ) is Alby, BK, Guin, Ursena, Blue wing. If board is mediocre and you donโ€™t kill Guin and BK fast enough, once BK starts protecting gives enough time to ALby to resurect and from there no coming back.

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Just giving you a hard time :blush:

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It can work, but often itโ€™ll be too soft on damage output. However, swap in a damaging tank like Ursena and I could see BK being a nice fit with her. Then 3 more hittersโ€ฆ

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