Grazul or Khagan or nah? Who to ascend

How do you guys feel about Grazul and Khagan?

I’ve got a plethora of reds already ascended (Kestrel, Mitzuko, Azlar, Elena, Zimkithia, and Anzgogh), but mats are slow to come by and I don’t plan on spending much more on the game, and so can’t bank on drawing another red legendary anytime soon. Would you recommend my ascending either?

For what it’s worth, I also have more than my share of healers (North, Vivica, Delilah, Aeron, Ariel, Guin, and the aforementioned Anzgogh).

Thanks for your feedback.

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I think it would be a mistake not to ascend Grazul tbh, I think she’s one of the best less risky healers in the game because she apportions guaranteed healing in bite size chunks as opposed to slow or average healers that get OHK

One Hit Killed or two hit killed, doesn’t get off


Just up Grazul and you won’t go wrong with it. :wink:


Met Grazul as tank or flank and she was very sturdy. I don’t have her. I would ascend her.

I have Khagan maxed and he is ok…as he is a mixture of hitter and supporter. He is not bad but not outstanding. He is not as sturdy as Grazul.

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From the first day i used Grazul i don’t fear anymore:

  • Kunchen tanks: she stop his defence debuff
  • Gravemakers: she block burn (Gravemaker totally annihilated)
  • Drakes: blind effects stopped

And so on, and so on…

I just need 6 tiles to charge her and timing her special.


I think people under estimate how fast she fires and how useful it is. The healing is secondary if you ask me. Plus, mana boosting heroes only fire her faster!

I have two and I’ll bring both up to at least 3/70. I tried her at 1/1 and still had fun.

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Also…in a red stack against anything she’d shine. Against titans you can use her to never suffer a titan special or boss special. Just avoid cascades hehe

I have both Grazul and Khagan and I would definitely say Grazul. Khagan was my first 5* and he is still sitting at 3/70 because I don’t feel he is worth maxing and I’ve had him almost a year lol

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Hello All,

Just came across this & wondering the same issue as these 2 are my only red 5*

I did a spreadsheet of my heroes below.

Would appreciate any advice as I have many 4* Reds so far & wondering which of these 2 to ascend or go with another 4*

Element Name Class Stars Chevrons Level
Darkness Khiona Rogue 5 2 60
Darkness Proteus Wizard 4 4 70
Darkness Rigard Cleric 4 4 70
Darkness Proteus Wizard 4 3 60
Darkness Jabbar Monk 4 3 60
Darkness Ameonna Sorcerer 4 3 60
Darkness Sabina Sorcerer 4 3 60
Fire Grazul Cleric 5 2 60
Fire Khagan Ranger 5 2 60
Fire Scarlett Rogue 4 4 70
Fire Kelile Rogue 4 4 70
Fire Wilbur Monk 4 3 60
Fire Gormek Barbarian 4 3 60
Fire Colen Fighter 4 3 60
Fire Scarlett Rogue 4 3 60
Fire Scarlett Rogue 4 3 60
Holy Poseidon Fighter 5 3 70
Holy Li Xiu Monk 4 4 70
Holy Li Xiu Monk 4 4 70
Holy Wu Kong Monk 4 4 46
Holy Chao Ranger 4 3 60
Ice Richard Paladin 5 3 70
Ice Magni Fighter 5 2 60
Ice Grimm Barbarian 4 4 70
Ice Boril Cleric 4 4 70
Ice Sonya Paladin 4 3 60
Ice Boril Cleric 4 3 32
Nature Skittleskull Sorcerer 4 4 70
Nature Melendor Druid 4 4 70
Nature Melendor Druid 4 4 70
Nature Gobbler Druid 4 3 60
Nature Little John Barbarian 4 3 60
Nature Melendor Druid 4 3 60
Nature Kashhrek Wizard 4 2 6

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