Ascend Grazul?

Hi all, i asked this a few weeks ago. But since there is an upcoming balance, I was just wondering if I should push thru with ascending Grazul.

I already have marjana maxed. My other red 5* heroes are elena and JF.

So i guess the question is Grazul vs JF vs Elena as my 2nd red 5*. Will likely use this hero for alliance war bench, and maybe stack against raid opponents.

Can anyone share your experience with these heroes?

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I would do Grazul first. She’s extremely useful in the new meta, and works very well as an off-color hero against many of the other popular tanks.


I just recently began using my Grazul as she’s an obvious choice as counter for the tell/vela duo. Together with JF and an ok board they normally gets that job done pretty comfortably. But alone she is not a game changer. Her heal is way too weak for that and the block debuff lasts too short. But she’s is a fantastic support hero if paired correctly. Elena is great on offense and in pve battles. JF is really good, but consider him a defense hero that bites. I haven’t used him a lot in pve so can actually not say much there.


my vote goes for Elena. high damage and counterattack. I love counterattack. Grazul’s special is too weak to be a passable healer and the shield is very short… if you can handle her, go with her. Elena is easier…

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Grazul is great. I don’t usually recommend that she be the first or second red 5* someone maxes, but I think it makes sense in your case. JF and Marjana are a bit of an awkward fit with their overwriting burns, and Elena is so slow for PVP. Grazul is not going to give you anything against titans, however.

If your red 4* roster is pretty robust on the damage front then Grazul brings a lot to the table. If your roster is mostly support heroes and you desperately need more offensive punch then she will fall a bit flat for you and I think JF is a better bet.

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In my honest opinion, and I have her maxed with emblems, I would go with Grazul

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Graz was my first red 5* (second 5* in general), and I wouldn’t go back for the world. Love my Graz, and definitely suggest her (good tank-y, very fast shot of small amount of heals).


That’s a cruel joke especially since riposte damage is up to the current health of the hero so if SAF Elena fires, she’s probably near low health and that riposte is literally “a joke.”

@e-man, probably do Grazul if you’re lacking healers. While both JF and Grazul are good choices, if you’re stacking with Marjana, then the burn will overwrite.

The synergy between Grazul and Marjana is better.

I have both JF and Grazul maxed but will ascend a second Grazul before JF.


I have all 4 maxed (including Marianna). I would agree with the comment related to current meta (GTV) and current defenses and teams you are bringing to attack Tell. IMO Grazul is the first I would do if I were you because of the fast mana. If you get her off she will help you live to fight on. Yes healing is not phenomenal, but the fast mana and immune to status ailments for two turns makes all the difference! You can fire her off and it will prolong your heroes lives. IMO


Along with Mitsu, Grazul is one is the most important and useful Heroes in the game right now. 100 percent push her through and then emblem her.

It’s one of the only difference makers vs Telly

And I have all four as well. Elena is way too squishy to devote rings to unless you have no other options, are free to play or are in late game with a half dozen or more fully elevated red five stars and an over abundance of rings


I have marjana, grazul and elena maxed. I love all of them against telly vela.

Elena must he highly emblemed for her to survive longer, and often times she becomes ur saviour.

Between elena or grazul i might suggest grazul first as dot and ailments is everywhere, grazul will save ur butt so often, make sure u equippes grazul with mana lv.11 troops

Here’s video of my elena and grazul, subscribe if u want to see more of them on my Youtube channel :blush:


I have a lvl11 mana troop for red. I see the great potential of that bec i use lvl11 mana troop for kageburado and he has pushed me up to diamond arena.

I was lucky enough to pull mother north and she acts as my primary healer and reviver, and those minion shields arent bad at all.

How about elena on offense?

I agree that she is too squishy on def and i actually target teams with elena at tank. Even if she is emblemed up.

I have grazul and mitsuko maxed and on the current meta they re vital.
Level grazul…she is great on offense

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definitely grazul, she is a great counter to telluria and all the dot heroes that keep coming out.

@e-man I also like raiding teams with elena as tank- lol sometimes she just keeps coming back to life and somehow I find that entertaining. elena is pretty good though, great for titans.

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Specially if i was able to kill her with purple (usually kageburado), i find it funny how the minimal bleed damage kills her again…

Elena is great on offense! She is squishy yes, and there are better options overall but my Elena sees action all the time in mid lvl diamond. I also had her on my def team until recently and was able to hold 2.5-2.6k cups overnight (with guin as tank). She does need at least one node on the talent grid to shine.


I would go Grazul. Maxing Elena is one of my few ascension regrets.

I only ascended her for tile damage because I had 12 rings at the time. I almost never use her for any purpose except the back end of war vs Telly tanks. There she does OK… if the tiles line up… if she fires… if if if.


Not much more I can add.

Grazul gets my vote.

Elena, while high in tile damage, is too slow and squishy to be much use in war. Definitely relegated to titan duty for me most of the time.

JF and Marjana are the same speed … so it’s the battle of the burn… which annoys me. But that’s a me thing. Lol. Only thing I dig is his ice defense… but not more than I like grazul’s resist.


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