Jean-François – 5* Fire/ Red - February 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

Yeah, there are things about him that could be better for sure. I think the nerf went a bit far but what’s done is done. However, still good overall imo and I can find ways to use him. You never know too, maybe time will show he deserves more credit than we can assume at this point.


I find it strange people say he has been nerfed. He hasn’t. This is is his first initial release. Any tentative stats from beta and before, are just that. I’m sure somewhere in SG Towers someone once made a very fast Thorne with 1000+ attack and a special guin-killing sword. But one shouldn’t pay too much attention to what isn’t and never has been released. He’s a good hero, I hope I get him.


Does his Crit add to Ares Crit or just replace it when both active?


Lol I get what you mean, that’s a ‘strict’ definition of nerf.

They just mean his special dmg has been changed (downwards) at least once in Beta.

It goes without saying that sometimes words have dual or even multiple meanings in different contexts


They add up.

Elemental link stacks with all similar buffs.


Yah, just meant nerfed from his intial beta BoT damage, thanks for clarifying that :slightly_smiling_face:

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I already get my skip-finger trained for seeing JF and Finley flanking a protective tank :smile:


Now that he is released, I am just not optimistic of pulling either him or Telluria with only about say 5 (EHT) + 10 (Gems) + 4 (Challenge event) + 6 (Costume) = 25 pulls up my sleeve

It is what it is!


Seems very situational after the nerf. With so many cards competing for mats, he might take the backseat compared to Gravemaker, Ares, Puss, QoH, Santa or others. Shame, as his artwork is masterful. This game needs new motivation to play besides stronger and stronger cards. He is - unfortunately - below standards.


I pulled him this morning using my last EHT…11. I now have him at 3.50 and have hit the ham wall. I have the mats and he will be my #45 5* fully ascended


I’ve updated the status effects guide with Jean-François status effect:

These are all the status ailments that the Defense protection guards against:
DefDown DefDown_continious DefDown_HealReset DefDown_Dark DefDown_Fire DefDown_Holy DefDown_Ice DefDown_Nature

Also this is what J.F. resists:


Your luck will turn @Olmor! I know you’ll eventually get your Dawa. Fingers crossed! :grinning:


A musketeer/cowboy/gladiator. Nice! All he needs now is long hair. :wink: That’s the fix I want.

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I got him and I am not impressed at all !!!
Dont know but sometimes I think beta testers are ruining this game and promising heroes


I think what he is missing is White Flag lol :white_flag: :grin:.

Seriously though, he is not Gravemaker-level hero, but he is worth it. I can imagine running him with Vela if I get him. The opponent’s team burning and drowning at once (how’s that even possible ?!) can be potentially very annoying, especially since he raises defense against Ice and Vela cripples Fire heroes. Just flank them with green tank (maybe Jester Horghall?) and things should get interesting.


He looks puffed out already…man needs to work on his cardiovascular fitness


Its unfortunate this was the final decision; many called for three turns on his burn after seeing the two turn change. In my opinion, this spells concern for the HOTM feature. Many in the forums called for a debuff with great passion because of his power capability. I would like all of you to take some time to see what is coming with season three; it’s game altering. Will you also call for debuffs for the entire season three lineup? I’m honestly more frustrated by SG for catering to the calls for debuffs with their HOTMS that are supposed to push the power curve as well as engage spenders. This HOTM has already been dismissed by many of us as not worth the spend because GM does significantly better. Even if JF has AoE burn, the burn is negligible in a post-emblem environment. JF was going to be perfect for numerous reasons but the biggest one was being prepped for season three. Very disappointing for many reasons.


Well said I have him and he is at 1/1 see no need to move him or Vela from there until I see what happens with telluria

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When is the next event and which one? I’d like to use my EHTs there and try for him.

Knights of Avalon is up next, and should start on Wednesday the 12th.

However, EHT can’t be used during Challenge Events, only Seasonal Events.

But if you have Challenge Coins, you could use them then.

You could also use Costume Keys when the Costume Chamber reopens later this month, or use your EHT on the Epic Hero Summons, or use your Atlantis Coins when the Atlantis Portal reopens at the end of the month.


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