Jean Francois or Natalya?

First off some general advice:

Back to your original question:

JF or Natalya.

I would say JF because he is more widely hitting than Natalya is. Ntalya is a single target burner while JF is a multi-target burner. Additionally JF has the defence immunity buff which is (IMO) very good at countering a large number of heroes who appear on defence teams…

On a defence team, JF is best used at flank while Natalya is best in the wings… not really a problem either way but just something to consider.

Finally in terms of emblems, Natalya is a Sorcerer while JF is a wizard… You don’t have another Sorcerer 5* hero but comparatively you have Onatel in the wizard class. Again not really an issue but just something to consider.

Overall, my vote is for JF between the two. Just does more, affects more & has more secondary team buffs…


JF has a nice damage and defense flip. I’d go w him over Natalia, all things being equal. He will be of more use in more situations, long term.


Welcome to the forums @jc88888!! Hope to see more of you!

I’m just here to stress what @Guvnor said about working on your 4* BEFORE touching a 5*. I made that mistake when I started, summoned a 5* as my very 1st summons, thought I’d hit the jackpot and wasted almost 3 months getting him to 3/70 only to realize if didn’t have near enough ascension materials to finish him.

4* are the back bone of E&P, you can max about 3-4* hero’s before you’ll be done that one 5. You’ll want 3/4* hero’s for tournaments that only allow certain level hero’s, challenge events that have a RARE/EPIC/LEGENDARY Tier system, and for alliance wars as having 6- 5 hero teams maxed isn’t an easy thing to just have happen.

This game is not a race, it’s a marathon and slow and steady is your best bet for now. Work on your 4* and they will help you get the AM’s needed for the 5*. Not to mention with emblems and now costumes those maxed/emblemed/costumed 4* are pretty much unemblemed 5* anyway.

Whatever you do I wish you luck and glad to see you found this forum. You will never find a group that is more than willing to help than you will here. Don’t ever be afraid to ask as question because you think it might seem dumb. I’m the king of dumb questions, not to mention the only “dumb” question is the one unasked.

Make sure to check back in with us and let’s us know how your progress goes!!


Definitely Jean-Francois. He seems pretty versatile on defense and can be useful on offense when color-stacking Fire Element. His 94% Defense against Ice for all allies is Game-Changing.

Thanks everyone. I understand what is being said about the 4s but i have every TC20 4 with the exception of tib, scarlett, sabina. And all the one worth anything ive maxed. I dont know who id work on in my line up thats even worth ascending or who would add value? Id like to have some of the event 4s but other than those im working on 3s because at least i dont have to spend ascension items on them and not use them. Im a scope from ascending magni and i could do a green 5 but i dont really want to do horghall so im waiting… i really wish they didnt nerf this dude so much. Its a cool design and great idea the details on him are awesome but he doesnt have any initial damage so how did they nerf him so much? I cant even kill a map level 1-8 group with him. Even proteus has a good secondary skill he stops mana completely. … ugh. JF is not a threat especially against other 5 teams many have over 1300 hp easy. Its disappointing. Whatever. Thanks guys.

Can always do duplicates :wink:

I know someone who has 4x of Grimm and Rigard and a number of other heroes levelled :stuck_out_tongue:
There are always options…

JF for sure. He’s fast. He hits 5. He has a decent elemental link as well. Nat is just ok. The 4* idea is a good one … but we all know you’ll probably level a 5 * anyhow ( we all have done that). So, make sure it’s JF over Nat if you do😎

I like Natalya for 3 main reasons:

  • Undispelable burn unlike JFs. More likely to kill a target
  • Mana slowdown from hit as well as Sorcerer talents making enemies less likely to fire
  • Sorcerer class has lesser competition unlike Wizard
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Ill max out JF but im in no hurry. Thx for the advice appreciate it

I was thinking same. If u get on kill in a raid and open up a spot. its over usually. I dunno. Ill have to level him more and see what the game play is like.

Can’t say that my opinion should be given weight since i don’t have JF although i have Nat+11 but i think JF has more uses and shoud be better since his dot and secondary effects affect all enemies. The only advantage nat has is that her skill is undispellable but with heroes that removes undispellable effects, Nat is soon to be outdated.

I still think she is useful because of the emblems and because she can cripple one heroe once she goes off unless they get healed… and since she has the mana cut it would be wise to send her against healing tanks. I like both but it doesnt make sense to me that the DOT doesnt stack. Vela stacks with proteus stacks with fire. Its just a different element If i have taken risk by using two fire DOT then why no stack. It makes one hero no use so why have element links and ugh. This game is really well done in areas and then there are these frustrating things that make no sense. Its probably by design for some reason.

This is off topic i suppose but DOT funtions differently than immediate damage. it bypasses buffs and so it adds a dynamic to the game but isnt affected by buffs such as increase in attack. Anyway DOT as it is is not advantageous. Its a disadvantage in the current settings. They put too many restrictions on it. they buffed it. It should be given more advatages to balance the time setting and since its static… heroes get more hp over the course but jeans dot wont go up and i cant pair him with anyone like BT to help it so its stupid. They should have just had it calculate the same as immediate damage cause the way it is now… its not scalable.
Unless they adjust it DOT only heroes will be low in the ranks. Oh well.

If you think 302 DOT on all is bad than you’ve never seen GM in action.

GM is very fast (ie. 6 tiles to charge with Lv. 11 Epic Mana Troop) and has initial damage to his hit. JF has only those 302 burned HP. He has other bonuses as well but I feel he might be trying to do too many things that don’t go together very well. Then again when GM came out a lot of people supposed him to be lame, it is a bit too soon to say.

Seems like you’re forgetting that troops atk stats increase the DOT? So mana troops are especially well suited for heroes relying on DOT. Especially GM who then gets both the atk stat up + the mana speed.

Also off topic:
How will the end result be when Frida hits while JFs SS is active? Will her elemental debuff just be ignored, or will it turn to a (normal) +42% defense buff? Nowhere on the card is it mentioned that it’s e clusively normal defense debuff, so I interpret it as being any kind of defense debuff, elemental included, will turn into a +42% buff

yes it is… all of def debuff including elemental.

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@jinbatsu already linked my post, but JF’s defense protection will trigger against all general and elemental defense down ailments.

In this specific case, the following happens in order:

  1. Frida’s elemental Ice Defense down is turned into a defense buff image :arrow_right: DefUp
  2. Frida’s skill dispels, so all three buffs (defense buff DefUp, ice defense buff DefUp_Ice and defense protection DefenseProtection) get dispelled by Frida

I.E. Frida’s elemental ice defense gets replaced, but she dispels the buffs afterwards too.


I like Nat, but I have had her stuck at 70 for the longest time. I have the mats to fully ascend two red 5s, but I am holding out. The reason I am not maxing her now is because I am waiting to see what Marj’s costume will be. It wouldn’t be too hard or surprising if it lowers her appeal.

Aaah, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:
But also good to know that an elemental debuff will turn into a buff too :smile:

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