How do I use JF?

I have been Lucky to get Jean Francois when he came out. But I have him stuck at 1/7 because I dont know how I use him on offense: I dont have Killhare or any other Easter hero to pair him with and for working against defense down, I use Rigard or Melendor Costume. So I see no use for him since he does no initial damage. Am I missing something? Or do I simply not need him? If I was to Lvl him up, Id use him in war with Marjana which isnt ideal because of the DoT. In pvp it would be the same because I’m Lazy and marjana is my only maxed 5* and therefore my main damage dealer.

There is a lot in here, but it’s a good spot to read.

I’d also warn you if you read that. Jeans stats were higher in beta so there’s a lot of hate in that thread. Once the dust settled, I believe the consensus is that he is a pretty good hero.

Maxed jf no regrets he’s ablitys help your whole squad and a bit of burn goes nice. I was leveling guin the same time too so emblems went to her dunno if I would give emblems to him but def worth rings if you have no better.
The health steal resit will be instresting with pirates coming up too.


Jean Francois is not an ideal second fire legendary hero to max in your case, otherwise, you’ll just waste 6 rings on him where you can’t rcevcally appreciate him yet at your stage. He is a good hero to have but only as a luxury hero serving as support to your other heroes especially if you have Killhare or Master Lepus, or when the enemy has defense debuffer, while giving decent burn to all enemies. Best look for other 5 star fire heroes or hold on to those rings until a good one lands on your lap.

I maxed JF as my 6th maxed fire legendary since I have Master Lepus and that he helps in nullifying enemy heroes that deal def down, and after ascending him, i still have 19 rings to spare for Gefjon, 2nd GM or even Reuben in December as HOTM.

Throw red tiles at the enemies to charge his mana bar and click on him, when it’s filled up.