Isarnia or 2nd Magni?

I know there are posts about which to go with but I already have a Magni. Today I got Horghall and a 2nd Magni from TC20. I had planned on Isarnia going up over RIchard (I assume that is a no-brainer right?) but this second Magni threw a wrench in the plans.

So should I level a second Magni or a first Isarnia? My maxed blues are : Kiril, Grimm, Triton, Magni. I am working on Sonya and have Boril as well. And as I said above Richard is on the bench but if anyone thinks he’s better please let me know.

Also, I had planned on starting on Kadilen as I just finished Lianna but Horghall popped up today. I am still leaning toward Kadilen (I know that Zeline is better as well as other greens) and with Isarnia I don’t really see an immediate need for him since he works mostly on defense.
Other 5s - Joon, Lianna, Magni, Mitsuko, Domitia all leveled. Unleveled are Justice, Khagan, Elena. Vivica is at 3.70 waiting for 2 darts. I have all the 4s from s1 except Kashrek.

Thanks in advance. Sorry that this is so similar to the other topics. If it has to be merged that is fine. I understand. As long as I get some replies I am happy because I really do not want to waste the mats.

I’d max Isarnia. She is a bit squishy and has slow mana, but her special is more powerful than that of Grimm and affects all enemies, not just three.

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I prefer a diverse range of heros. So I’ll generally pick another hero to max over maxing a dupe. Unless it is a stellar/no doubt A+ hero. Isarnia can help in many situations and not just in a blue stack. But Frida + Isarnia + another blue hitter can be devastating as their defense down ailments stack. I still see a lot of rainbow defense teams with Isarnia. One of those slow heroes who, if their special pops, can signal the end of a battle if you don’t have a way to deal with it.

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Who is your tank??? Because Richard makes a strong tank. I would choose Richard before Isarnia and Magni 2.

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Isarnia all the way. Very good offense for quests/trials/challenges/titans/raids.

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When you can use mana pots (titans, challenge events, trials, etc.) Isarnia is huge.

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Im waiting for 2 scopes for Isania, fire her off and then any other damage to all and youve pretty much nailed it. I know very well from experience and avoid her if i can, ive hit the flee button so many times after she hits :rofl:

Who cares about tanks ? Def team is the very last concern, Isarnia is the best def debuff girl in blue for titan, she’s over Richard all day long.

By the way with a bunch of 5* you will open diamond chest everyday without a good def.

Thanks for the replies. I agree with the range of hero idea. Magni is great but I have other snipers. I do need a Paladin but Richard just doesn’t seem to be it. Plus I have justice for that problem if I decide to max her. I think isarnia it is. I have actually not fought her much since mitsuko removes her when she fires. But I will admit that if the rare occasion happens that she doesn’t fire, I quickly hit the flee button after isarnia goes off. Plus I guess she would help with titans as well.

Isarnia or Magni will be my next Ascension decision but I still have time for this, I am at 3 scopes atm. I am wondering about Titans and who survives longer. Is Magni or Isarnia one - shotted by 12 star titans? Fighting 10s currently but an 11 has visited us. So I guess in a couple of months 12s are a possibility.

It depends…
You need a blue tank: Richard
You want to hurt the (red) titan: Isarnia

Isarnia is my first 5* (got her in the first hours in this game). Maybe that’s why I love her so much, because I have no love for slow heroes. But with Isarnia I finished my first seasonal event on advanced. She was 2/60 back then, last Halloween. I was playing for 3 months. She is amazing in missions/challenge. Also, she got emblems. I love Magni too, but in this particular situation, you should level Isarnia.

Isarnia and Magni are very good together. Isarnia reduces enemy’s defense then Magni hits hard and adds Isarnia extra defense.

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