Advice on order of line-up / Magni or Isarnia?

Hey there, wanted to ask some opinions from experienced players.

If you had fully maxed Rigard, Isarnia, Delilah, Elkanen, and Azlar (in that order) as your main defense line-up and we’re thinking of switching Rigard for Panther, what order from left to right would you put your heroes in?

Secondly, I’m leveling up Magni, would you go with Isarnia or Magni? Pros and cons for either on raids and titans?


Panther is best with a second purple on defense cause the AI won’t target the weakness to purple and running two increases your chances of making use of that debuff, but you could run her for stealing buffs.
I’d run Panther, Isa, Deliah, Azlar, Elk as a defense.
Magni vs Isa for defense… Magni is best next to the tank and really needs to get his skill off to be effective cause of his really low defense. Before the often seen Zeline/GM flank combo Magni was a popular flank for good reason. Isa offers you that slow skill killer and if she hits you have a good chance of winning. You can try them both and see which one actually works better for you.
Vs titans Magni should only be used vs reds and has high tile damage to where Isa can be used vs all titans cause of her -44% defense, but Wilbur does outshine her and has the same -44% on average speed. You can run Gormek in her place vs greens for a better stack of red heroes if you have him. Isa requires mana cause of her slow skill speed.


That’s interesting about the two purples, JimMe, thank you. I’ll try comparing Isarnia and Magnificent. I really like using Isarnia apart from her slow mana. The only other 5* purple I have is Aeron. Would you combine Panther and Aeron or hold out for anot her hero instead, like Dominita?

I have a maxed Gormek. He was who I used before I got Azlar on my main defense line.

Jim’s talking about another purple hitter, so Aeron wouldn’t really fit that bill. You already have Delilah as a healer, and he could be seen as overkill. That said, Aeron has other qualities to recommend him.

I run Delilah and Alby on my defense, and like the combination of heal-over-time and direct healing, so Aeron can definitely work. Also, his status protection can be tough for your opponent to wait out if you’ve got Azlar and Isarina building mana in the meantime.

If you already have Aeron in 4th ascention, it’d be easy to try out a few defenses for a day or two each and see which one holds you more cups.

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Awesome thank you to both of you. Aeron isn’t in the 4th tier yet so I’ll hold off on him for now. I’m already seeing an improvement in cups since I switched Rigard for Panther.