Ascending dilemma

Blue problem:

Have enough to max Magni#2, Richard or Rumpelstiltskin.

I have maxed Magni, Isarnia and Finley.

Now, I am undecided which hero to max (war only). I’ll wait for next Atlantis (finally ending S2) and try about 15 pulls - maybe blue hotm will say hi to me :wink:

Until then, I am asking for advice which one of these three is the best.


I would say Richard. The reason is that you do not seem to have a blue tank currently, so it’s nice to have that option if your alliance ever changes to blue tanks. Also, Richard is a hard hitter, if you pair him with Grimm, then he can pretty much take out or severely injure 3 heroes, plus the attack down for 6 turns is a huge plus. Also, it will add some variety to your roster. But it will still depend on what your war teams look like. If you already have AoE hitters in other colours, then a sniper might help which will make Magni#2 a better choice.

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I am not getting 4* and 5* hero the reason is not known why. I am always getting same hero of 3* Bane only I do not understand I had spend approximately 2000 gems

It’s random as hell and the odds are sh!t

Would pick magni #2 as of now

If u pull other heroes, that may change

Welcome to the forum yeah the odds are not in your favour!
Many posts about the situation!
I need a holy bad!

Op For me I’d pick rumple I don’t mind random! If you dont then I wouldn’t!

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