Ice Queen or Cloud Hammer? ❄️

Isarnia or Richard?

I’ve got Thorne maxxed…yeah I know but f2p can’t be picky and he’s been my only 5* blue for months.

So I’m fairly certain that Isarnia is the right answer as Richard is better than Thorne but very similar.


I also have Eve, Sartana, Dom, justice (who’s my tank and got all the Paladin emblems), leo, Joon, Horghall and Elk.

I’ve got every tc20 4* maxxed apart from Kelile.

I’ve got a smattering of Atlantis 4* including Wilbur, Agwe and Proteus, who has the lion’s share of my wizard emblems.

Thank you muchly


I would go for Isarnia…
Her defense down os something amazing !
For almost everything(specially titans)… with a lvl 17 mana troop i just love her!
PS: She got my emblems and i just love her one of tje heros i use the most


Would go on with Isarnia.

Def. down for 44% and 6 turns is pretty cool, Richard “only“ provides attack down for three ( two if the tank is down ), so she is the better option, even if she is slow.


If you really need a blue tank Id say Richard but you could still be fine with Thorne and your Justice would do just fine otherwise… and I always have wanted to have Isarnia :slight_smile:

Isarnia gets my vote.



She’s far better on titans than Richard and is thus a much more versatile character. She has uses on offense, defense and titans.

What’s your defense?
I’m thinking

Because you wanna use two yellows (Joon and Justice) then the safest way to balance that out so you can’t be color stacked as easily is to use two purple with one of the purples inbetween the yellows. Last spot can be whichever flank you like best. Eve is probably best although Isarnia could be quite punishing there too.


ISARNIA. I got Richard last month tc20 collection and just got isarnia this month. I already have magni maxed but between Richard and isarnia im going isarnia too. She hits like a beast and its almost always over after she goes off. I like fighting her with mitsuko since she hits all and his hard but mits reflects red specials and isarnia does herself in. But if she fires without mits skill up its quite a disaster.


I try variations around justic every few days.

I wasn’t sure about Isarnia on defence, because she’s soft, but I’ll give it a try.

Might put her at flank to speed up firing

My beloved Isarnia has my vote!

She was my first 5* and the second one I maxed. Used her a lot in offence, and if you protect her enough to cast is nearly game over.
Nowdays I have better options in offence, but it is interesting to note that she still is in my regular defence, flanking Ares.

I thought a maxed Athena would perform better than her holding cups. Well, I was wrong! After a month of testing the Ice Queen regained her seat in my defence!

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Flank is Isarnia’s only viable spot in defense imo. But I’d love to see someone prove me wrong. She’s too squishy for tank. She’s too slow for wing.

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Same here. After about half a year I got Isarnia from TC20. Now she is my favorite blue 5*. Maxed Thorne sits on a bench. I prefer Grimm over Thorne for better tile damage even though Grimm’s and Isarnia’s special overrides each other.

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