Anyone that would take time to look at my lineups and answer a couple questions I would be forever in your debt

Questions I have… Isarnia or magni first? Where does everyone stand on zulag and marjana? Obviously I haven’t done anything with either. Musashi, I’m 1 dart away from finishing him but is he worth the wait?
I have issues with over thinking things and idk who to move up and team up. I do horrible in wars even if I attack teams hundreds of points less than me most times. I’ve been playing for over 3 years. Aaeron was my first 5* and still haven’t finished.

Also, who should I risk spending my gems to try and get, alberich or heimdall? I’d like one of them I THINK. Plus would like hel and krumpus just cuz he looks B/A. SORRY for all the NOOB ■■■■ questions. I thank you all in advance and offer my assistance in any way.

My teams and toons on deck - - - - - - >

I don’t know how many ascension objects you have, but these would be my recommendations:

  • BLUE: I’d finish Kirill and Isarnia and her costume. I prefer Magni, but as you have Isarnia’s costume, I’d max her first.

Kirill + Frida + Magni = synergy for red titans.

  • RED: I’d max one Boldtusk and his costume, finish Gormek and level Marjana.

Boldtusk + G. Falcon + Gormek + Marjana = synergy for green titans

  • GREEN: if you have the chance to pull in this Christmas event, try getting Mother North. Otherwise, I think that Valhalla would be a better option to get Heimdall. The Tavern of Legends gives a small chance to get past HOTM, so getting Alberich is almost an utopia. Besides, the Tavern takes place each two months.

  • YELLOW: I see that Musashi is the only holy (apart from maxed Justice) you have, so I’d max him.

  • PURPLE: personally, I don’t like semi healers like Zulag and Aeron. Quintus would be good for rush wars and rush tournaments, but Tiburtus and his costume would be a slight better option.

Hope I could’ve helped you.

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Ok — these are my thoughts

Fast Magni will do more for you in most places that slow Isarnia — and you’ll be ahead of the curve if you pull a costume. Can use Emblemed Grimm or Wilbur in the meantime in many places.

Marjana is one of the only red snipers, and her costume will be quite good.

Personally, I’ve never really considered Mushashi — he’s competent but lack lackluster; I’d rather keep the darts… but he can be a solid hero if you’re limited on options. Very high tile damage.

Alberich is only available in Legends — not worth chasing but you may get lucky. I love mine; but don’t use him as much without emblems. I got him when it was a lot easier.

Heimdal is great - he’s my tank, but I wouldn’t chase him. You may get Frigg, other stuff or the meta may shift. Pull at the end and get what you get.

If I was chasing anything — it would be C Leo and C Marjana, with lots of good little consolation prizes sprinkled in that keep s1 heros current.

Aeron is polarizing —his shield is fantastic enough some folks have multiple leveled… Others leave him on time out at 1/1. The heal, cleanse, class is a plus. Mine is at 3/70 — as there’s always been other options.

I’m a fan of play what you have, and you have a lot — others can get into it. I’m not a fan of leveling for specific uses when your building… get a core together that lets you finish everything that gives mats, emblems, expand for Titans then use that to build a war defense online with your alliance.

Don’t forget troops and infrastructure — if I had it to do over I’d skip a lot and barrel through to level 29+ on mana troops :slight_smile:

Hel is cool — but Proteus is attainable. If you can find him, keep all copies — save the tabards. It’s functionally a mini me

Boldtusk, Kiril and Caedmon will serve you well for a long time - and their costumes are great. Get the 4* up — they’d are the backbone.

Gormek will pair with Falcon and Marjana very well, but will be replaced by Wilbur of you get him. He’s worth the knives —- seems like a lot now, but you’ll be tripping over 3* mats before you know it

Magni over Isarnia for sure. Musashi isn’t that good of a hero…I’d wait.

If you are doing pulls, Heim is the better way to go. Both are great heroes, but Valhalla offers much better heroes if you don’t get the excat one you are looking for.


Thank you so much for taking the time to break all that down for me. It’s greatly appreciated!

You have definitely given me a direction to start pushing towards. Will most certainly use your advice.

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Vixx, thank you very much for taking the time. Between you and silenco, you have given me alot to go on. My biggest gripe atm is no matter who I battle in wars I can’t seem to get anything accomplished. Whether it be horrible boards or not I just get slaughtered. I can attack teams hundreds lower than my teams and just get pulverized QUICKLY. It’s mighty frustrating. Titans, whether I go rainbow or use solid teams I very rarely break 100k. I’m usually around 50-70k mark. While alliance members are 250k+++. Raids I usually only just run thru for the chest.

Almost 4 years of this but I’m still trudging on.

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A lot depends on your style of play, but since you said you’re struggling perhaps you don’t have the heroes yet to suit how you want to play.

I don’t have Magni, but I have always preferred using fast snipers and healers. Then again, I also use Isarnia teamed with Ariel in 98% of my raids and am developing a great liking for costumed Elena. I also don’t spend much so I don’t chase heroes and overwhelmingly use S1 (Magni being the only one I am missing). Marjana is among the best red snipers but not necessarily among the best snipers. Still, I do use her a fair bit. Zulag I’m not really familiar with.

If you are attack-minded and like playing quick then max Magni. If you are a slow-buildup type of player then Isarnia has a huge defense down. I tend lately towards the slow-buildup and set up my teams around survivability (generally two healers) so I don’t mind waiting for Isarnia to fire. Then everyone else hits that much harder.

Ironically Aeron was the first 5* I maxed and now I prefer costumed Rigard so hardly ever use him.

For Titans — if you don’t have Miki, Tarlak or even Ranvir you’re at a significant disadvantage. Don’t chase them - HA 10 or wait for next new hero that makes them obsolete. Get and emblem Wu.

If you’re missing elemental debuffers — Falcon, Jackal, Panther, Evelyn, Frida, Arthur, Almur and even Nordi — you’ll feel it.

Time pulls around Teltoc and prepare to be disappointed

Defense down/attack up— too many to name is critical

Start here, plan these out — can do a lot with 4*

This will give you a pool of 20 heroes to make war teams from; make the strongest defense you can — watch how many flags are used to kill you.

Until very recently — my war hits were not great; I have no hitters… but I’m like a fat kid eating lunch on a seesaw for defense … took a lot to move me off the board for a flip — so it evens out

Save troop tokens for ninjas, and spend the time to know and build out troops / buildings. Which requires balance on spendy mats… don’t let them become a crutch.

A good pull in the right month can sink or empower — but having a solid foundation does more in the long run.

Thing with Titans — as long as it doesn’t fall on the same person, it’s ok that someone out damages you by 2x as long as it’s an honest, easy reflection of what y’all can do… it’s a team event, loot sucks at all tiers

Golden Rule: Do what you can with what you got and participate in alliance chat without being an ash hole :slight_smile:

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