Is there any real point in taking a 4* mana troop to level 30?

After 3 1/2 years as a c2p person I am getting very close to having my first mana troop to level 29.
Apart from bragging rights is there any point in aiming for level 30?

If u are OCD then yes. Otherwise no


Definitely not OCD about that… some other things, perhaps :smile:

Mana lv 30 just add 1% of healing factor, from 19 to 20.

It’s definitely whether u are OCD or not to make it perfect.

It should required abundant troops feeder and ham i think.

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What lvl is better to up mana troops to?

@Alekss The main function of mana troops is to shave off one tile from your heroes in offense when charging their specials. The most important ones are level 11 and level 23, as they are game changers for “very fast” and “average” speed heroes, respectively. In the long run, It’s best to aim for a couple of level 23 mana troops, and a third one at level 11. Beyond that it’s only necessary if you want to play in the top 10-20 alliances.


I am still learning and haven’t reached 11 yet thank you for explanation. Some of my 4 * troops I got are mana troops and I don’t have crit yet so was slowly upping them. So if I gave my noor 11 that will make her average or I need to reach 23 for slow hero?

Noor cannot be average even with LVL30 mana troops.
Only costumed slow heroes can become average with mana troops.


As @rilian pointed out, slow heroes cannot become average unless they have a costume bonus. Check this chart for required troops levels and corresponding tiles required to charge heroes of different speeds.

If you are interested in a more detailed explanation on how mana generation works for heroes in offense under various conditions you can read up on this thread.


I meant her mana will be accumulating faster sorry.

It’s a really great table thanks a lot

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How does this table work when ghosting tiles?

The percentage is the same, but you need only half the tiles

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