Mana troops

Why does it say levels 1&23 are very slow but then go on to say that level 23is average? Also if level 11 is the only very fast buff is it better than leveling the troops all the way?


The 23 mana troop speed up:
Very Fast specials by 0.5
Average specials by 1
Slow specials by 1
Very Slow specials by 1.5

They are cumulative :slight_smile:
(0.5 at lv 1 and 1 at lv 23 for Very Slow)


I’m confused. So level 11 doesn’t turn an average special into a very fast special? And how much do the troops help average mana before it reaches level 23?

May I ask you to share full cheat sheet? Looks nice and helpful.

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Go to the player guide section and look for seven days departed info graphics


Before lvl23 the only help for things like guin chao lixiu etc. But dont reduce tiles u need to charge

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If they don’t reduce the tiles needed to charge then what’s the point?

A mana troop lvl 11 will cause:
Very slow from to 13,5 tiles to 13 tiles
Very fast from 6,5 tiles to 6 tiles
No changes to the other speed heroes.

Unless you have a hero that alters mana gain (positively or negatively). More insight here: 4* troops - mana or crit?


The mana troops still have better attack and increased healing but they optimise their use when they get to the mentioned levels.

As I said if you dont have the critical level they can help you charge faster after guinever, Leonidas or Chao etc hit you

Can slow hero become average with maxed manatroop? Lets say i have Yunan and maxed mana troops, is he average now?.

Or is Yunan better with deep wood elder ents?

It won’t be average, it’s still 1 tile more than average it appears. Whether or not mana troop or crit troop is better for Yunan, that’s hard to say. Mana troops provide more attack stat than crit troops. But crit troops provide more defensive stats. I’m personally starting to think the crit troops are better because survivability is quite important. Crit troops boost defense and HP. Mana troops boost attack and health gain.

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I still don’t have mana troops leveled to the point that the mana part is relevant. Maybe on defense but that’s still not clear to me. Whereas crit troops immediately boost everything. It seems the mana boost is out of reach. Level 23 to help average heroes? Level 11 for very fast heroes? That is BS I think.


Lemme just magically put gravemaker in my roster. Ok now mana troops help mana gain. But bringing mana troops to level 17 even to help slow heroes is no small feat. Level 23 for average heroes…? Idk man.

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Yup what @SWEG said is correct.

Mana vs crit is kind of preference matter, do you want to boost his strengths (high defences and health) with crit, or do you wanna bolster his weakness (slow mana) with mana troops.

Knowing that you use him as a tank I would likely go for crit, as surviving is the main point and Yunan special does not really help with that. If he was a flank then likely mana troops would be the way to go.


Middle section highlighted numbers means there’s a decrease in tiles required to charge special. Very slow heroes are affected twice as Mana troops are leveled.


No, not with troops alone.


Exactly. You need a special with mana boost to achieve this (e.g. Khagan, Lancelot, Danzaburo).

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Has anyone done any research on mana gain for defense? Like how many rounds of “no tiles” does it take for a very fast hero with level 11 mana troop to get fully charged on defense?

We need a 5* friar tuck


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